Marquee Guide

Marquee guide

Marquees for parties and other events

Marquees or party tents are often the ideal solution when you need extra room for a party or most other kinds of events. A marquee is affordable, easy to handle, flexible, and spacious. And most important - the light and stable structure will provide shelter from the elements whether you are going to use the marquee for a private celebration or in a professional context.

Marquees for the important events and all the rest

Whether you need extra room for a wedding, christening, confirmation, graduation, or something else, you can find the right marquee here – at We have almost 20 years’ experience with designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality marquees. No matter the size, price or quality of the marquee you choose, you will always get your money’s worth. At the same time, you will get a marquee that is easy to assemble, use, disassemble and store. We offer marquees with many details and features to provide you with a great setting for almost any event.

The various types of marquees and party tents

Here you can see our various types of marquees and party tents: Marquees with a PE cover If you only use your marquee once or twice every year, then it can be a good idea to buy a PE marquee as they generally are more affordable than their counterparts in PVC. On the other hand, if you are going to arrange several events throughout the year, then we recommend that you order one of our sturdy marquees in PVC. The PVC marquees may be a little more expensive but they are also built to...

Which size of marquee should I choose?

How large your marquee should be is depending on several things – where do you want to put up the marquee, how many people are attending the event, are they going to sit down to eat, is it a reception, do you need room for a buffet, a band, and so on. Below you can see how much room you should calculate – and if you have the option, always calculate for a little extra room – for safety as well as for comfort. For a reception or similar event, where people stand, estimate app. 0,75 m² pr....

The materials for the various marquees

Our marquees are made of high-quality materials to provide you with strong and durable marquees for all the important parties and all the other events in your life. The main materials in our marquees are steel, PVC and PE – and some aluminium and polyester. Here you can see a few facts about the various materials: PVC (Soft) – Polyvinyl Chloride It would be wonderful to avoid PVC all together, but the material is simply impossible to do without if you want the quality of the marquee...

The right flooring can make a world of difference

The right flooring inside a marquee can turn your marquee into something even more special. You may settle for the lawn as a floor inside the marquee but if you want to raise the standard you should do just a little extra and lay a floor inside the marquee. You can change your marquee from a plain tent to an elegant function room. Furthermore, the tables and chairs will stand more or less straight and the legs of the chair do not sink into the ground as it sometimes does when you sit directly on...

Tables and chairs for the party

Dancover is one of the major European suppliers of marquees and party tents and we also offer a wide range of all the things you need to make your event inside a marquee a success. You can have folding tables, folding chairs, banquet tables, stackable chairs, beer table sets, bar tables and benches in high quality at very competitive prices. Everything is easy to handle, move, store, and clean. Tables and chairs are indispensable We offer more or less all the things you need when you are...

Heaters create warmth and a great ambience

Heaters are an indispensable part of outdoor life – whether you want to enjoy yourself on the patio, or when you are having an ado inside a marquee or other kind of party tent. We offer a wide assortment of high-quality heaters with various features depending on what you want. We have hanging heaters for the marquee, freestanding heaters for the patio or inside a gazebo, or fan heaters for warmth and circulation. The common denominator for our various heaters is that they are high quality and...

Lighting also helps to create the right ambience

You need to have some elegant and high-quality sort of lighting for the party or any other event for that matter. Apart from light to see where you are going, you need some lighting to create the right ambience. Light plays an important part at any event – especially in the evening but light decorations will also work wonders during the day inside a marquee and more. We offer a wide assortment of lighting for outdoor as well as indoor use. When you are hosting a party in a marquee in your...

Linings for marquees can make a world of difference

The soft and elegant linings for marquees will make any marquee look even more inviting and romantic. A marquee is a wonderful extra room often with large Georgian style windows providing a wonderful inflow of light. However, within some marquees, you can see the metal frame from the inside, and it may somehow take some of the romance out of the event. It is good to have a marquee with a strong frame in galvanised steel, but it is not as such a natural part of a beautiful room for a wedding, a...

Safety Packs for making you and your guests safe

Our Safety Packs come with storm straps and storm pegs for securing your marquee and other kinds of party tents and storage tents. We offer a wide range of marquees so you can always find a suitable marquee for your event whether you invite only a few people or you go all in with many guests! Safety plays an important role A marquee will shelter you from the rain and the sun and create a practical and cosy setting for most events. When having a party or any other kind of event in a...

Personal service and advice

The vast assortment of marquees can make it a little difficult to choose the right marquee. That is why we offer personal service and advice from our Xperts. Our Xperts are ready to help you during opening hours by answering any questions you may have about our marquees and related products for your party or event in general. Contact us via telephone, e-mail or use the Chat. We look forward to helping you get the best marquee experience every time! Talk with an Expert 0 203 936 8258...

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