Returns and Refunds

When you shop at, you have the right to return your purchase within 14 days. If you want to return products, you must inform us by sending a return form. You will find the return form here. You must send the return form no later than 14 days after you received your products.

If you choose to return products, it is your responsibility to contact a transport company and pay the return transport costs.

If you for some reason or other refuse to accept receipt of the products you have ordered, we reserve the right to deduct the price of return transport costs from the amount we return to you after safe receipt of the returned products. If the packaging is damaged, please make a note when signing for receipt and fill out a Claim Form afterwards on if the products are damaged.

You must always send the original packaging when returning products.

Undamaged original packaging constitutes an important part of the value of a product and the original packaging contains important information relevant to the return of your products.

It will appear on the product if the product is excluded from the right of return (e.g. products made by order or customized products).

Your right to return within 14 days is valid from the day you receive your products. If the 14-day deadline expires on a holiday, Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve the deadline is prolonged to the following working day. In case you have ordered several products on the same purchase order, which are delivered on different dates, the 14-day deadline is valid from the date you receive the last product.

After you have received your products, you may only handle them in such a way necessary to determine the product type, product abilities and way it functions.

Return process

If you choose to return products you must:

Step 1:.

Fill out a return form here. In the return form you will be required to:

-  Enter your order number

-  Enter the e-mail used when ordering

Step 2:.

You will now see your order contents.

Select the items you want to return and number of each.

The indicative freight cost will now appear. Please note that the prices may vary locally!

You will be asked to check your info and correct if necessary.

Submit the Return Form.

Step 3:.

After a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail from us with return labels attached corresponding to the number of boxes you received from us originally. Please print all the labels, put a shipping label on each box you are returning, contact a transport company, and pay the return transport costs.

Make sure the return products are safely packaged in the original packaging. Original packaging must always be returned together with your return products.

Return products must be transported to our central stock:

Dancover Central Stock
Lyngevej 16A
Nørre Herlev
3400 Hillerød

We recommend you buy transport insurance. You are responsible for the return products until we receive them. Therefore make sure to save your post office receipt and/or track and trace number.

Dancover does not accept return products which are irresponsibly or poorly packaged, used, destroyed, incomplete and unsellable.

We expect you to send the return products as soon as possible and latest 14 days after you have sent us your return form.

We do not accept packages sent as “Cash on Delivery”.


When we receive your products we will check if their value has been reduced, after which we will refund the eligible amount.

The amount will be transferred using the same payment method as you did when purchasing the products.

You may lose your purchase amount partially or fully if the value of the product has been reduced due to e.g.:

-  You have unpacked the product

-  The original packaging is missing or destroyed

-  You have used the product

-  The product has been damaged, while it was in your possession

-  You have handled the product beyond what was necessary to determine the features and functionality of the product

-  You have not followed the exceptions of the return right, which are relevant to that specific type of product

Important: Avoid unpacking a product if you wish to return it. If a product has been unpacked it may result in a reduction of the amount we refund with up to 25-75%.

Please contact our customer service department if you have questions or e-mail

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