Wooden cabin 6.02x3.96x2.9 m, 21.5 m², Natural

Product number WC192032

Wooden cabin in a modern design made of durable and beautiful Nordic spruce with large windows and doors for optimal inflow of light. The roof is in strong and durable polycarbonate for even more light. The elegant cabin has glass sliding doors on three sides providing a great outlook in three different directions. Use the elegant cabin as a work place, for relaxation, or as a guesthouse. Please note that the doors and the window frames are white. Modularo™ is a modern lifestyle brand offering lasting high-quality products in solid wood and a modern design making your garden life even more rich and enjoyable.

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Product specifications:

3.96 m.
6.02 m.
2.25 m.
2.90 m.
Nordic Spruce (Picea Abies)
6.17x3.97 m.
1438 kg.
Box 1: 115.0 x 21.0 x 650.0
Box 2: 121.0 x 57.0 x 434.0
Box 3: 118.0 x 51.0 x 290.0

Product info:

  • Solid 18 mm Nordic spruce
  • Large sliding doors for easy access
  • Doors and windows in glass
  • Roof in polycarbonate
  • Amazing inflow of light
  • Window and door frames are white
  • All parts prefabricated
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • Wood protection must be applied after assembly
  • 21.5 m²

Wooden cabin in solid and beautiful 18 mm Nordic wood. Your cabin is made of strong and durable materials, which will last for a long time, especially if you take care of it. The elegant wooden cabin has large sliding doors with glass on three sides. In combination with the strong and durable polycarbonate roof, you will have a wonderful inflow of light making the cabin extremely light and inviting. With windows on three sides as well as a semi-transparent roof, the cabin is perfect for many different activities and functions – use it social gatherings, for work, for exercise, for creative pursuits, for relaxation and contemplation, or as an extra room for having friends and family stay over. No matter how you use it, the elegant and light wooden cabin will soon become the natural place to be in your garden. The large sliding doors provide easy access and flexibility and makes it easy to combine the interior with the exterior.

Your wooden cabin is delivered as a pre-fabricated assembly set. We recommend that you are two for the job but no special tools are required. You simply follow the detailed assembly instruction. As the cabin is made of natural wood, we recommend that you treat it with wood protection of some sort as soon as you have assembled it. Select a colour of your liking or use a transparent wood protection so you can enjoy the wood at all times.

Modularo™ is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on high quality, durability, and comfort. The brand offers a wide range of long-lasting wooden products like sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins making your garden life even better and more enjoyable on a permanent basis. The brand provides you with elegant design, functionality, and room for living.

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Please note that the customer has to provide either a forklift or manpower to unload this product!

Please note! This product is produced on request. Consequently, the right to return does not apply.


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