Metal garage 3.38x5.76x2.43 m ProShed®, Anthracite

Product number MS572000

Spacious and elegant looking metal garage with a large rolling door and a lockable side door for easy access. This ProShed® metal garage provides perfect protection for your vehicle with a strong reinforced steel frame, extra-tall walls and extra wide door. Maintenance-free and with a 10 years anti-corrosion perforation warranty!

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  • Strong and durable
  • Functional design
  • Lightweight materials
  • Large selection
  • Personal advice and service

Product specifications:

3.38 m.
5.76 m.
2.00 m.
2.43 m.
2.5x1.88 m / 0.66x1.88 m
Hot-dip galvanised steel
50-60 kg/m²
18 m/s
3.3x5.65 m.
282 kg.
Box 1: 71.0 x 29.0 x 209.0
Box 2: 27.0 x 22.0 x 290.0

Product info:

  • 10 years anti-corrosion perforation warranty!
  • Outer dimensions at ground level: 3.30x5.65 m
  • Ground area 18.24 m²
  • External measurement (incl. eaves) 19.47 m²
  • Rolling door opening width: 250 cm
  • Rolling door opening height: 184 cm
  • Side door 66x188 cm
  • Wall and roof plate thickness: 0.25 mm
  • Maintenance-free
  • High Gables
  • Integrated rain gutters
  • Easy-to-use rolling door in aluminium (Lockable with keys)
  • Side door for easy access (Lockable – padlock not included)
  • Incl. Anchor Fixings
  • Minimum dimensions for base: 3.32x5.67 m

Protect your car, boat, motorbike etc. with an elegant and maintenance-free Dancover ProShed® Garage! Having one of these popular and sturdy metal garages, you can rest assured that your vehicle is parked perfectly protected from the weather and more. ProShed® is the ultimate metal garage with all the features you need. Large rolling door for easy access with the car, side door for easy access without the car. The strong and sturdy frame has reinforced rigid triangle beams to strengthen the structure and add stability. The maintenance-free structure has a 10 years anti-corrosion perforation warranty, and it will look great for many years without you have to worry about rot, rust or peeling.

You can buy shelves and hooks separately in the shop. The accessories can help you organise your car maintenance and cleaning products, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

You must always place your Dancover ProShed® metal garage on a plane and solid foundation.

Safety Advice

  • When establishing a metal shed it is your responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations and to ensure that the shed is assembled correctly according to the enclosed manual. It is very important that you assemble all parts according to the instructions. Do not skip any parts or any steps.
  • Protective gear for assembly: Please take care when assembling the metal shed as some parts may have sharp edges. Use work gloves as recommended in the manual – and preferably shoes and safety goggles. If using a ladder or power tools, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety advice. Keep children away from the assembly site.
    Do not lean against the metal shed during construction. Do not place your metal shed in an area with excessive wind. Do not attempt to assemble this shed if you are tired, have taken drugs or alcohol.
  • Base for the shed: Make sure that you place the metal shed on a firm and plane surface preferably concrete, but flagstones, wood, or gravel can also work. The base must be 100% in level and with the right angles – check by measuring the two diagonal dimensions. Always fasten the structure to the base to prevent accidents in case of extreme weather. Furthermore, make sure that doors are closed in case of a storm.
  • Metal sheds are temporary structures: Please note that even though our metal sheds are sturdy and durable structures, they are not permanent buildings as such so it is upon you to regularly check the structure to make sure that it is safe and in working order. As the metal shed is made of lightweight materials, you must make sure that the shed at all times is safely secured and fastened to the base so the shed does not cause damage to others in case of bad weather. Be sure that you do not hit any hidden cables or pipes in the ground when inserting the ground anchors or similar.
  • Condensation: Please be aware that temperature changes and moisture in the air can cause dew or condensation to appear outside and inside your ProShed garden shed as it is not insulated. This is normal and does not mean your ProShed is leaking.
  • Insurance: Please check whether a metal shed is covered by your home contents insurance. It is your responsibility to lock the metal shed to prevent theft from the premises – all our metal sheds are lockable but in general, you have to provide the padlock.
    Never stay inside the shed during extreme weather conditions. In the event of snow always remove snow from the roof as heavy snow may cause the shed to collapse. Please note that you can buy reinforcement rafters for some of our metal sheds if you live in areas with much snow.
  • Warranty information: Dancover warranty applies only to the normal use of the product, normal wear and tear excepted, in accordance with written use instructions or manual. If you need to clean your metal shed at some point, only use a mild detergent and lukewarm or cold water. Do not use strong agents of any kind.
This structure is not tested for specific snow and wind loads! When it snows, it is your responsibility to remove the snow from the roof of the structure in order to secure it from damage.



Please note that the customer has to provide either a forklift or manpower to unload this product!


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