Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent

Product number ST20922

Polytunnel greenhouse providing perfect growth conditions for all kinds of plants – fruits, vegetables and flowers. Transparent material, 3 mesh windows and a zipper door in each end. The specially developed cover provide optimal growth conditions.

Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 1Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 2Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 3Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 4Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 5Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 6Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 7Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 8Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 9Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 10Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 11

NB! Small details may vary from the photos shown.

Features and detailsPolytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 1Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 2Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 3Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 4Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 5
InspirationPolytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 1Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 2Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 3Polytunnel Greenhouse 2x3x2 m, Transparent  - 4

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Also available in following colors :

Product specifications:

2,00 m.
3,00 m.
1,00 m.
2,00 m.
0,78x1,95 m.
Foil, 120 Micron
Galvanised steel tubes
25x0.6 mm
Water resistant
23 kg.
Box 2: 32.0 x 13.0 x 70.0 cm.
Box 3: 42.0 x 15.0 x 148.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Ground bar providing your greenhouse with extra stability
  • 3 mesh window sections with roll-up window cover
  • Zipper door in each end that can roll-up and provide ventilation
  • Anti UV treated cover
  • The specially developed cover provide optimal growth conditions


Look forward to beautiful plants and high quality fruits and vegetables! Polytunnel greenhouses provide your plants with perfect growth conditions and extend the growing season!
Dancover Polytunnel greenhouse allows you to enjoy gardening from early spring well into the autumn. Look forward to going into your very own greenhouse filled with beautiful and homegrown plants. Growing your own produce is great and serving your own vegetables for your family is a wonderful feeling.
Start growing your own today and enjoy the benefits of a polytunnel greenhouse!
Dancover expert tip: Polytunnel greenhouses are great for growing a variety of different plants. Remember to water frequently, ventilate as much as possible and harvest your crops regularly! It is extremely important that you keep the cover on the polytunnel greenhouse stretched and taut at all times. Otherwise, a risk emerges that during a rainfall water pile up on the roof of your greenhouse, which may cause the greenhouse to collapse.
Dancover safety advice for marquees and tents also applies to Polytunnel greenhouses.

Application info

Marquees are made for use at parties and other festive arrangements and are as such only meant for short term temporary assembly and the following disassembly. Please note that the warranty will not apply if used in any other way.

Safety Advice


Note: Temperature changes and moisture in the air can cause dew or condensation to appear outside and inside a marquee. This is normal and does not mean the marquee is leaking.

  • It is your responsibility to secure the polytunnel greenhouse adequately and prevent it from injuring materials and people.
  • Your polytunnel greenhouse is intended as a seasonal form of coverage and not as a permanent structure.
  • During windy weather, we advise you to secure your greenhouse or in case of strong wind, take it down. Overall, we advise you to place your polytunnel greenhouse in the lee of a building, trees or other that will protect the greenhouse from too strong and direct wind.
  • When it rains, water may pile up on top of your polytunnel greenhouse causing it to collapse. It is your responsibility to keep the roof of the greenhouse free of gathering water. Be sure that the cover is fully extended - please remove standing water that builds up during rainfall.
  • When it snows, snow may pile up on the top of your greenhouse. Wet and heavy snow may cause the greenhouse to collapse. It is your responsibility to remove snow from the roof of your greenhouse and save the structure from damage.
  • Please be sure that your greenhouse is completely dry before you take it down and pack it up. This will minimise the risk of mould and mildew.
  • Do not pack or unpack your greenhouse at temperatures below zero. Doing so may damage the cover.
  • Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other sources of ignition, inside or close to the greenhouse.
  • Please note that the Dancover warranty applies only to the normal use of the product happening in accordance with the written instructions in your manual. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. It does not cover damage, defect, wear and tear caused by misuse, poor maintenance, abuse, unauthorized modification or exposure to bad weather conditions either. (See above.)
  • We recommend you to check whether your polytunnel greenhouse is covered by your home contents insurance.
This structure is not tested for specific snow and wind loads! See above how to act during various weather conditions.



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