Greenhouse polycarbonate, Strong NOVA 12 m², 3x4 m, Silver

Product number GH18010

Strong and sturdy greenhouse with polycarbonate panels for additional strength. With this greenhouse, you can extend the garden season and enjoy your homegrown produce, like fruit and vegetables, without worrying about the greenhouse during winter. It is relatively simple to assemble the sturdy greenhouse frame.

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Product specifications:

3.14 m.
4.00 m.
2.02 m.
0.905x1.8 m
Galvanised steel tubes
260 kg/m²
20 m/s
40x20 mm
EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011
100% Waterproof
72.5 kg.
Box 1: 65.0 x 65.0 x 220.0
Box 2: 103.0 x 6.5 x 207.0
Box 3: 13.0 x 6.5 x 189.0
Box 4: 23.0 x 5.5 x 37.0

Product info:

  • Strong galvanized steel frame
  • The sturdy frame is easy to assemble
  • 4 mm polycarbonate walls
  • Distance between arches: 1 m
  • Two doors for easy access and ventilation
  • The doors measure 905x1800 mm
  • Each door has a top-opening
  • Max snow load 260 kg/m²
  • 12 m²

A sturdy and practical greenhouse for everyone who dreams of delicious homegrown produce like fruit and vegetables requires a more sheltered environment than the open garden may supply. The frame is made of solid and durable 40x20 mm galvanized steel pipes, and the assembly of the frame is straightforward! The sturdy and lightweight 4 mm polycarbonate panes come in rolls and are easy to cut and mount and much more durable than traditional glass. The polycarbonate panes have a high light transmission and are, therefore, perfect for growth conditions inside the greenhouse. The sturdy greenhouse will fit perfectly in most gardens and prolong the garden season by up to several months – without you having to worry about the structure during the winter.

This sturdy greenhouse works perfectly as an ordinary high-quality greenhouse for the garden season, and you can rest assured that it will come through the winter safely in ordinary weather conditions. Please note that even though this is a sturdy greenhouse, we still recommend removing the wet show from the structure as this type of snow can be very heavy and may exceed the maximum weight per m².

Safety Advice

  • When establishing a greenhouse, it is your responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations and to ensure that the greenhouse is assembled correctly according to the enclosed manual. It is very important that you assemble all parts according to the instructions. Do not skip any parts or any steps.
  • Protection during assembly: Please take care when assembling the greenhouse as some parts may have sharp edges – both profiles and glass. Use work gloves as recommended in the manual – and preferably shoes and safety goggles. If using a ladder or power tools, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety advice. Keep children away from the assembly site. Make sure that the weather is dry and not winding for safety reasons.
  • Do not lean against the greenhouse during construction. Do not place your greenhouse in an area with excessive wind. Do not attempt to assemble this greenhouse if you are tired, have taken drugs or alcohol. Be sure to be more than one person to do the job.
  • As an extra safety precaution, you can place one or more support poles under the roof beam. When choosing where to place your greenhouse, consider the risk of falling branches, snow falling from roofs and other things potentially dangerous to the greenhouse.
    We recommend that you use silicone to secure the window panes even if it does not say so in your manual. The silicone will seal the windows and make them stay in place.
  • Regular control and security: Please note that even though our greenhouses and orangeries are sturdy and durable structures, they are not permanent buildings as such so it is upon you to regularly check the structure to make sure that it is safe and in working order. A greenhouse is a sturdy but light construction so it is your responsibility to ensure that the greenhouse is safely secured and fastened to the base so the greenhouse does not cause damage to others in case of bad weather. In case of a storm, remove loose objects from the surrounding garden – like garden furniture, parasols, toys, trampoline, and more – as it can move and hit the greenhouse during the storm. During the winter you can secure the greenhouse by removing automatic window openers and in general securing the doors and windows so the wind cannot get hold.
    When fastening the frame of the greenhouse, be sure not to hit any hidden cables or pipes in the ground when inserting the ground pegs, ground anchors, or similar.
  • Insurance: Please check whether a greenhouse is covered by your home contents insurance. Do not stay inside the greenhouse during extreme weather conditions. Make sure that doors and windows are securely closed during a storm.
  • Warranty information: Dancover warranty applies only to the normal use of the product, normal wear and tear excepted, in accordance with written use instructions or manual. If you need to clean your greenhouse at some point, only use a mild detergent and lukewarm or cold water – and a disinfectant before a new season. Do not use strong agents of any kind.



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