Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey

Product number CP97010

Provides your family an elegant clear shelter.

Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, GreyCarport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 1Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 2Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 3Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 4Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 5Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 6Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 7Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 8Carport Vitoria, 2.91x5.01 m, Grey - 9

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Product specifications:

2,91 m.
5,01 m.
1,99 m.
2,39 m.
100 kg/m²
109 kg.
Box 1: 72.0 x 22.0 x 296.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Easy to assemble and mount for two persons
  • Sturdy and durable with elegant details
  • Maintenance free
  • Rust resistant powder coated frame made of aluminium and galvanised steel
  • Gutters included
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • TwinWall Polycarbonate bronze glazing panels with over 70% light transmission
  • 100% UV protected – do not turn yellow

A quite simple solution when you want to take good care of your car. The detached carport made of very durable materials is maintenance free and will protect your car from snow, rain, hail, falling leaves, UV radiation etc. all year long. You will appreciate that your car is always ready when you have to leave for example in the morning and you don´t have to spend time scraping ice from the windscreen or remove snow or leaves. The carport is easy to assemble without the use of special tools, and you will be able to enjoy the carport for many years due to the thought out construction and the durable, sturdy materials.

Application ideas

The carport will of course also provide protection and shelter for other vehicles, garden machines and boats or as a patio cover, if you would like to get a roof over your hot tub, garden furniture or maybe protect the children’s play area with a sandpit or a paddling pool.

No matter what you prefer, this high quality carport will give you protection for many years and you don´t even have to maintain it in any way. In case of falling leaves on the roof just hose it down with your garden hose.

Please note! A fork lift is needed for unloading. Unloading is also possible by hand, but it is up to the customer to provide manpower for it.



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