The various types of marquees and party tents

Here you can see our various types of marquees and party tents:


Marquees with a PE cover

If you only use your marquee once or twice every year, then it can be a good idea to buy a PE marquee as they generally are more affordable than their counterparts in PVC. On the other hand, if you are going to arrange several events throughout the year, then we recommend that you order one of our sturdy marquees in PVC. The PVC marquees may be a little more expensive but they are also built to last longer.

However, both types of marquees will meet your demands for a great setting for a party or other kind of event. The main difference between PE and PVC is price and durability – the look and feel are more or less the same and both types of marquees will help you create a memorable day whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a professional event.

Just for your information – you can also find marquees under various other names such as party tent, beer tent, music tent, market tent, garden tent etc. We will stick with the word marquee or sometimes party tent, but no matter what you prefer to call your new marquee, we know that you are going to enjoy it for a long time as a flexible setting for various parties and other events.

We offer PE marquees in many sizes so you can have just the size you need for your event. They all have large windows with a great inflow of light and easy access. They are flexible - use all the sidewalls or just some of them depending on the weather and the occasion. You can also put two or more marquees together if you need room for many guests and more.

A marquee is just an extra room, so when you arrange a party or any other event, you often need more than just the marquee. We offer a wide range of tables, chairs, flooring, carpeting, lighting, heating and more. All the things you need to make the event a success.


Marquees with a PVC cover

Marquees with a sturdy and durable cover in PVC are the perfect solution for private parties as well as professional events. The PVC cover in combination with a strong and stable steel frame will make the perfect setting for various events. We have almost 20 years’ experience developing and manufacturing marquees in all kinds of sizes, designs, and materials. A classic marquee is one of our popular PVC marquees made for almost any kind of event.

A high-quality PVC marquee creates a romantic and functional setting for most events. Whether you are going to use your marquee for a wedding, confirmation, birthday or any other event, the sturdy PVC marquee will shelter you from the sunshine as well as rain so you and your guests can enjoy the event. Apart from private events, a beautiful and functional PVC marquee will also give you the possibility to arrange a professional event in connection with a fair, a product launch, team building, and maybe even the company staff party.

Did you know that when you use a PVC marquee more than 2-4 times, you can save money compared to renting a marquee for every event? Yes, we know you have to put it up and take it down yourself, but there is money to be saved! The PVC covers are similar to a truck cover, and marquee covers as well as tarpaulins in PVC are high-quality products. The PVC covers have a closely knitted structure; feels soft and rubbery. The PVC covers are 100% watertight and extremely weather resistant and durable.

Be sure not to take down and fold a PVC cover when it is wet – you risk that mould and more will grow on the material while stored. Never take down the marquee in temperatures below zero as the windows may break!


CombiTents® - the most flexible marquee solution

CombiTents® marquees from Dancover are the result of innovative product development based on many years of experience with high-quality marquees and storage solutions in general. CombiTents® marquees are divided into sections as the only marquee solution on the market. That makes CombiTents® extremely flexible and the only marquee where you can get up to 5 marquees in 1! In short, you will always have a marquee that will fit the occasion – big or small – as you simply mount the number of sections, you need for the relevant event.

With a traditional marquee, you will often have too little or too much room for the event. With a CombiTents® marquee, you are free to invite the number of guests you like – your marquee is flexible and can always be adjusted. Buying a CombiTents® marquee is quite simply a brilliant choice, because you will have a high-quality marquee for your events for many years – whether you are going to celebrate a christening, a wedding or a 50th year anniversary. Are you looking for a marquee for an upcoming event? With a CombiTents® marquee you will be covered for years to come regardless of the purpose for which you need the marquee now. The CombiTents® are just as suitable for a private ado as they are for professional events. The impressive flexibility of this marquee makes it much easier to select the next marquee when you want to have a high-quality marquee.

CombiTents® marquees – a brilliant idea with many innovative features

The flexibility of the CombiTents® marquees are due to a series of innovative features foremost the revolutionary roof. In order for a marquee divided into sections to be as tight and waterproof as other more traditional marquees, a very special roof construction is required. Dancover is proud to present our Triple Velcro Closure System, which have been designed by our own creative and skilled design team. The unique system with sturdy PVC cover and Velcro strips makes sure that the CombiTents® marquees are 100% waterproof whichever size-combination you prefer. All the CombiTents® come with a high-quality durable galvanised steel frame. Finally, the marquees are designed with Double Velcro Windstop at doors and joints for ultimate protection against wind and rain.


Marquees UNICO – in bright and beautiful colours

The classic type of marquee has either a cover in PVC or PE – and is very often in a neutral white colour with a few exceptions. These marquees are perfect for most occasions and have worked beautifully for many years and still do. However, we thought that there was room for a new kind of marquees so our customers could have a little more to choose from. That is why we came up with our UNICO series.

The UNICO marquees are breaking new ground on the marquee market with the elegant and colourful covers. The new and innovative marquees combine the sturdy steel frame from traditional marquees with a light and durable cover made of 300 g/m² polyester with a PVC backing. This new combination of well-known and functional elements makes up the new UNICO marquee. The most remarkable feature are the colours, which will be a positive change from the traditional white marquees. Furthermore, we have enlarged the windows to achieve even better inflow of light, and the Dancover Triple Velcro Closure System ensures optimal flexibility and climate inside the marquee.

You can also use the marquee UNICO as a pavilion if you do not mount the sidewalls. In any case, you can enjoy the elegant decoration curtains if you prefer. All these features will ensure that the marquee UNICO from Dancover will be extremely popular.

Create the perfect settings for all sorts of celebrations and professional events with a special UNICO marquee. Imagine an elegant marquee in your favourite colour beautifully decorated just waiting for your guests to arrive. You can, of course, choose the classic white marquee or be a little bold and go for the black, dark grey, blue or maybe green or red. No matter which colour, you prefer, with a marquee UNICO, you will have a durable and functional marquee for many years and for many parties. All the various colours provide a special ambience inside the marquee - especially when it is light outside but also when illuminated from within.


FleXtents® marquees – the light and flexible solution

FleXtents® marquees are available in a large number of sizes, colours, and designs. The series FleXtents® PRO and Xtreme are perfect for most kinds of events where you are in need of extra room in the shape of a marquee or party tent. The FleXtents® are very light and elegant structures, which you can make extremely romantic by adding details like the specially designed frills or the unique FleXtents® curtains. In short, FleXtents® can make a wonderful setting for the big day.

Put two or more FleXtents® together and make a marquee

The FleXtents® marquees without the sidewalls are perfect as elegant gazebos, which you can use for many purposes - for a buffet, a bar, the band, or for storing supplies during an event. The beautiful pop-up gazebos are also perfect as a marquee and will make up a beautiful setting for most events. The innovative FleXtents® pop-up gazebos can be pitched in just a few minutes. Do you have a small tent, then you can set it up in a few minutes – a larger marquee will take a little more. If you combine two or more FleXtents® pop-up gazebos for a large marquee, be sure to use our connectors for a stable solution and seal the marquee by using rain gutters and infill joint panels for the perfect result.

Use the FleXtents® pop-up gazebos as a modular solution

FleXtents® are based on a standard size measuring 3x3 m but are available in sizes up to 4x8 m or 6x6 m. All of these units can be combined – preferably with similar units in the same size to make them tight and waterproof. Use our special connectors to keep the structures well together. Furthermore, we offer to print almost anything on these elegant tents – so if you arrange a wedding, you can greet your guests with a marquee adorned with a large photo of the bride and groom, a beautiful holiday photo or something completely different to create the perfect feeling.


Marquees PRO – the professional solution

Marquees PRO is our professional series of marquees aimed at rental companies, who are looking for the best quality, elegant design, functionality, and durability. Our series of professional marquees has a beautiful look and feel with an extremely sturdy aluminium frame and a durable, heavy-duty PVC cover for the roof and the sidewalls. The marquees PRO series furthermore has a fire certificate and fulfil various demands to safety from the authorities and more. These elegant marquees are made for frequent use and they are made for easy and repetitive assembling and disassembling. We also offer various types of flooring and tables and chairs – everything in rental quality.

Marquees PRO for all kinds of parties and events

The professional marquees are made for most events – private celebrations as well as professional events. We have supplied professional marquee solution to the market since 2003 and are proud to call ourselves marquee experts. Take our professional marquee series EventZone, which offers elegant, classic designs perfect for most events and celebrations. The unique pagoda shaped roofs are beautiful and easy recognisable and create a special ambience. You can feel the special ambience of the pagoda marquee when looking at it from the outside and when being inside. Perfect for all the important celebrations in life!

Marquees PRO in many sizes and with a great inflow of light

The marquees PRO series is flexible and you can have marquees in many different sizes – also for the big events with many guests. All of the marquees have large and elegant windows, which provide a wonderful inflow of light and will make you feel great when being inside the marquee looking out. These professional marquees are perfect for all the important celebrations in life - weddings, confirmations, birthdays, christenings, and receptions. The marquees will also be perfect for professional events like fairs, product launchings, exhibitions, and more. As mentioned, the marquees PRO series is foremost aimed at professional rental companies, but if you have questions about materials, certificates, sizes or anything else, please call our Experts. They can assist you before, during and after a purchase. You can also contact us by e-mail or use our Chat.


Multipavillon – the exclusive and unique dome marquee

The popular and unique marquee Multipavillon is a beautiful high-end marquee with infinite possibilities. The dome marquee is perfect for professional and private use, and the dome shaped modules are perfect for everything from a romantic wedding or confirmation, to exhibitions, product-launchings, fairs and markets. The beautiful arches may be romantic at one event and plain practical at another if many people are to pass through at fairs. The distinctive shape of the dome marquee Multipavillon will be recognised and appreciated everywhere because it is a unique concept.

Marquee Multipavillon – the beautiful result of innovative thinking

The dome marquee Multipavillon series is designed and developed in Denmark and is based on the idea of creating a flexible and perfect setting for all kinds of events. It is easy to assemble and mount, and every bit is high quality from the frame to the cover. The stroke of genius lies in the possibility of combining the various modules almost infinitely. That gives you the possibility to select exactly the size of marquee you need – and buy new modules if you want to expend. Dome marquee Multipavillon is easy to assemble due to the simple yet innovative click-system. This system is a major reason why the smaller modules can be mounted in less than 30 minutes. Remember to seal the connections by using a rain gutter – to be ordered separately.

Marquee Multipavillon – a modular concept with perspective

The various materials used for this unique series of marquees have an easy-to-assemble frame together with the sturdy and flame retardant cover. You will have a wonderful combination of functionality, flexibility and simplicity when it comes to assembling the different domes. You can expand the size of the combined units infinitely and have everything put together with different types of sidewalls and rain gutters to seal any gaps. The openings or doorways of the Multipavillon are all the same size and it means you can add as many new modules or marquee units as you need. Choose between 4 types of sidewalls - sidewalls with panorama window that will provide you with great light inside and a perfect outlook. The sidewalls with windows are available with and without a centred zip. You can also have plain sidewalls with and without a zip in the centre of the wall.

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