Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent

Product number TA22610

Ultra-strong multi-layered heavy-duty translucent tarpaulin with high tear resistance for multiple covering and storage purposes. The ultra-light tarpaulin is especially well suited for covering and protecting ‘odd’ shaped objects like, e.g. boats. The translucent material makes it possible to work on the boat while covered by the tarpaulin.

Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², TranslucentTarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 1Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 2Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 3Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 4Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 5Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 6Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 7Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 8Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 9
Features and detailsTarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 1Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 2Tarpaulin 4x6 m, PE 90 g/m², Translucent - 3
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Product specifications:

4.00 m.
6.00 m.
PE 90 g
99 N / 2.5 cm
14 N
100% Waterproof
2.38 kg.
Box 1: 40.0 x 2.8 x 60.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Ultra-strong and ultra-light tarpaulin
  • Extremely easy to handle
  • High tear resistance
  • Translucent material allows light to pass
  • Waterproof
  • UV-resistant
  • Frost resistant
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Double layer corners for extra strength
  • 1 m distance between eyelets
  • Ultrasonically welded plastic eyelets

The ultra-strong and yet extremely easy-to-handle light tarpaulin gives you the best of two worlds. It combines the strength from the normally much heavier (and more expensive) tarpaulins with the lightness of lighter tarpaulins normally not suited for all covering purposes.

This strong multi-layered heavy-duty translucent tarpaulin is especially suited for storing and covering boats, but it will, of course, cover everything, which needs to be stored or protected from the elements and more. The translucent quality of this tarpaulin makes it perfect for covering areas where you need light. When using this tarpaulin together with a boat frame or scaffold, you will be able to work underneath doing repairs and more on the boat. Another usage could be in connection with construction where this translucent tarpaulin will provide both light and effective covering.

The tarpaulin is cross-laminated, which provide the tarpaulin with great strength and extreme tear-resistance and makes it extremely suitable for covering an odd-shaped object with corners and edges. The tarpaulin is waterproof, UV-resistant, frost-resistant and 100% recyclable. The eyelets are ultrasonically welded plastic. The eyelets are 1 m apart, which makes it easy to tie down the tarpaulin to secure it. The corners have double layers for maximum strength and durability.

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Dancover offer a wide variety of strong and affordable tarpaulins for every kind of cover and storage. You can choose from a large assortment with tarpaulins ranging from our PE 65 g/m2 up to our heavy-duty PVC 600 g/m2 tarpaulins in various colours. Whether you are a private customer or you are looking for a tarpaulin in a professional context, you will find the largest assortment of tarpaulins on the market right here. Our Experts are ready to answer any questions regarding our translucent tarpaulins, our other tarpaulins, or any other storage solution in the shop. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or Chat. 


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