Pool inverter heat pump, Wi-Fi, 9 Kw, Metal

Product number GI160065

A pool inverter heat pump is an environmental-friendly and very affordable way to heat your pool whenever you want. Only solar power is cheaper but it can be a rather unreliable power source. You can set a temperature on the inverter pump and it will make sure that the water in your pool is that temperature at all times. This pool inverter even has Wi-Fi so you can start the heater at any time so the pool is ready when you want to take a dip.

Pool inverter heat pump, Wi-Fi, 9 Kw, MetalPool inverter heat pump, Wi-Fi, 9 Kw, Metal - 1

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Features and detailsPool inverter heat pump, Wi-Fi, 9 Kw, Metal - 1
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Product specifications:

0.36 m.
0.94 m.
0.55 m.
Stainless steel
73 kg.
Box 1: 60.0 x 38.0 x 160.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Elegant and effective inverter heat pump
  • Provide up to 16 times the used energy
  • Most energy-effective pump
  • Cabinet in stainless steel
  • Wi-Fi for easy control
  • Keep the temperature at all times
  • Prolong the pool season


Apart from solar power - which can be a bit unreliable in most places - an inverter heat pump is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating system you can find for your pool. Another very important feature is that you can rely on a certain temperature every time you want to use your pool. Set the temperature on your inverter heat pump and it will keep the water at that temperature at all times.
This high-quality inverter heat pump is made of stainless steel and has an efficient converter from the acknowledged Japanese manufacturer Toshiba - one of the leading manufacturers of inverter heat pumps in the world. Thanks to the unique inverter technology, this heat pump will provide you with up to 16 times the energy (COP) you put in it. An extra luxury is the Wi-Fi, which will allow you to control the inverter pump via your smartphone with no extra charge. Then you can regulate the temperature from afar so the pool is ready when you arrive at home, at the summer cottage and more. Not only can you prolong the pool season, but also you do not have to wait for hours for the pool to reach the right temperature.

The stainless steel cabinet makes this inverter especially suited for the climate in countries with a more cold and damp climate. The inverter will heat the water and keep a constant temperature in surrounding temperatures between -12 °C and 40° C. The inverter pump can only be used outdoor. The pump has an easy-to-use display and automatic defrosting and cooling function. Intern PCB and easy water connection with screw-in fittings (32, 38 and 50 mm). The inverter is made of PVC and titanium suitable for swimming pool water - chlorine as well as saltwater.



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