Floodlight RF2.1, wireless LED, PIR sensor and battery, black

Product number AC150000

Floodlight LED with a PIR motion sensor, which creates security and safety around the house. 100% self-sufficient with 3 batteries providing app. 300 days/6 hours of light. When the sensor registers movements, the light will come on for app. 10 seconds – or as long movement is detected - and light up an area of app. 12x16 m.

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Product specifications:

0.195 m.
0.114 m.
0.129 m.
0.6 kg.
Box 1: 14.0 x 12.0 x 19.5

Product info:

  • Floodlight LED with powerful light
  • Adjustable both vertical and horizontal
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Switches on automatically
  • Register movements of up to 8 m distance
  • Covers a 110⁰ area
  • Light up in app. 10 seconds
  • Continue to light if movement remains
  • Usable without power supply
  • Uses 3 AA-batteries
  • Will only activate after dark
  • Elegant design
  • Also usable indoor
  • May help preventing burglary

This LED Floodlight has a PIR motion sensor, and you can mount it anywhere you want a powerful light for orientation without the use of power from the power supply. The 3 AA-batteries provide power for up to 300 days or 6 hours in all if we assume that the floodlight in lit 5 times per day. You can mount the floodlight yourself in 5 minutes without the use of an electrician.

The powerful LED floodlight with a PIR motion sensor will light up driveways, carports, access roads, areas of entry, patios and other areas where you do not need permanent, power-demanding light, but just want to make sure there is light when there is movement. This is either to help orientate yourself or to scare away intruders. The floodlight runs on 3 AA-batteries, so you do not need to connect to power supply. That makes this elegant floodlight perfect for places like the summerhouse, cabin, garden shed, the old loo, the landing stage and other places where it is expensive, difficult or impossible to run a wire – or simply at home so save the expense of calling an electrician.

The floodlight has a motion sensor that will pick up movements up to 8 meters away in a 110⁰ large area. The light is adjustable both sideways and up and down to achieve the best possible coverage of any given area up to app. 12x16 m. The light will turn off after app. 10 seconds unless the sensor continues to detect movement. The police recommend that you secure your home with a floodlight to prevent burglary especially around access doors and windows but also in general.



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