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Our Customers Say

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for my 4x8.
Delivered promptly. All parts there.
Easy to erect. Waterproof when it rained.
Nice to look at and sit in - for a Sunday afternoon lunch for 25...

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Peter Schaefer, United Kingdom

We would like to thank you again for your excellent service.

The goods were sent to us immediately after we had a very friendly telephone conversation. The price and the quality of the ordered pop...

read more

Kirsten Meesmann, Germany

Ms. Alma, today at 20:00, I have finished to assemble the 10x4m Marquee, making some changes in order to strengthen the structure. I am grateful for the excellent mounting materials.

read more

Franco Cipolla, Italy

Everything was fine with the delivery, which was fast and perfect. The tent is great and contrary to my prior expectations, it is NOT too big (for my purposes), but simply elegant and beautiful. The...

read more

Vera, Germany

I wanted to thank you and your company, for all you ’ve done! Thanks a lot for the kindness and the courtesy you showed in handling my order and requests.
I was already acquated with your company but...

read more

Massimo, Italy

I am really impressed!
The tent is very high quality and easy to mount.
I appreciated your expert advice and the execution of the order.

read more

Bo Werk, Germany

I called yesterday 20/7 13:07 and ordered a new "window side" for my borrowed Dancover tent.
I don’t remember the name of the woman I talked to but she promised to do her best to send it as soon as...

read more

Johan Nilsson, Sweden

...I bought a gazebo 4x6 SEMI PRO. The delivery was very fast. I pitched it yesterday, and it is really beautiful. It is as I imagined it. Excellent quality. Congratulations to the staff. Thank you...

read more

Antonella M., Italy

I would like to thank you for you efficiency.
The products ordered on Monday morning have arrived very fast: they were here on Tuesday afternoon. The packaging was clean and tailored… and last but...

read more

André, France

...I wanted to congratulate you for a service of quality, I received my tent within the shortest delivery time and it was perfect. A wonderful balance between quality and price. We are glad to have...

read more

Jose, Spain

Real great handling of the problem. I definitely intent to do business with you next time, I’m in need of merchandise in your assortment.

read more

Svend, Denmark

...I've received it just in time for the weekend and appreciate your fast assuring service to keep customers happy, I shall be recommending you to friends and family, as I'm happy with the product and...

read more

Robert Vowles, United Kingdom

...Today, only three days after ordering, I got my marquee in parcels: not damaged, and most of all, complete… Amazing!
I strongly recommend your website, and I’ll come back soon to make another...

read more

Laetitia Martinez, France

I would like to thank you for the marquee and tell you that it is really amazing!!!!! A really extraordinary product, THANKS!!!

read more

Manca Andreina, Italy

We at Support Service Partner AS ordered a tent via with high demands on delivery and quality of products. They exceeded all expectations; the tent was delivered on the door two days...

read more

Patrick Solrunarson, Norway

We would like to thank you for an excellent service.

Both on phone and the speed with which you handled our complaint. We have used our gazebo a lot, with both family and friends.

read more

Birte and Jan, Denmark

... I noticed a very good quality of your products, actually very good taking into account the very reasonable prices. Furthermore, I was surprised that the delivery service and the solutions to my...

read more

Mauro, Italy

After we contacted the customer service we received the new spare parts. We thank you for your availability, the quick service and the professionalism


read more

Mattia, Italy

...There isn't much to say, other than Thank you. I purchased the marquee for our wedding, I had so many compliments about its style, quality and cost. It was fabulous; every piece was numbered and...

read more

Sarah, United Kingdom

The marquee is superb. The quality of the product is outstanding and every one of the hundreds of parts went together perfectly. I am absolutely delighted with it...I would certainly recommend...

read more

Andrew Smith, United Kingdom

Our tent has already been pitched and we are all happy. THANK YOU!!!
It is too bad there is no 6th star. Keep up the good work!

read more

Donauwaller, Germany

Yesterday we received our tent 4x6 and I thank you for the good quality of your product. We will gladly be your costumers again in the future, and we already recommended your website to our...

read more

Mario Tallarini, Italy

Your services have been extremely responsive and competent as I received the replacement of defective parts related to my previous order.
Thank you very much and please relay these thanks to your...

read more

Mr. A.H., France

3 weeks ago I bought a Garage tent from Dancover and I must say, it was a really good buy... The quality of the tent is very good and it even withstood the very strong storm we recently had.

read more

Kurt Fisker, Denmark

I would just like to pass on my thanks to all involved at Dancover for the smooth delivery of my order which I received on Monday. My husband is absolutely delighted with his "bubble" and he will be...

read more

Fiona McToal, United Kingdom

We want to thank you for your concern and for the reliability of your company that has been efficient and fast.
Thank you and good job.

read more

Renzo Calvi and Anna Raggio, Italy

...Very good service. Today I have received a small package including 3 connectors for replacement...

read more

Uwe Steckha, Germany

Delivery with no problem for our 2 marquees, and we are truly satisfied...

read more

Michel Sage, France

...I am extremely pleased with the service that I got by shopping at Dancover and I will always recommend other people to buy from you. Again, a very nice service. Thank you for a good deal.

read more

Karl Andersen, Denmark

... I just want to say how well pleased I am with the transaction and quality of the items and will have no difficulty in recommending your company in future.

read more

Roy Jones, Ireland

...I ordered a garage tent Tuesday at 12:20 and it was delivered to my home at 11:00 Wednesday!

read more

Roger Nilsen, Norway

My marquee survived the storm last night with speeds of 88mph recorded just a couple of miles down the road!...

read more

Matt Reeve, United Kingdom

...I am very pleased and would like to thank all of you and will of course recommend your canopies to everyone I know.

read more

Alberto, Italy

...We thank you very much again for your prompt service and delivery.

read more

Nelly and Rudolf Meyre, Germany

Thank you for the good service. It is nice when you treat your customers that good...

read more

Tine Knudsen, Denmark

...I have just received the tent! Many thanks and congratulations for your good service.

read more

Alessandro Agus, Switzerland

...We will strongly recommend DANCOVER’s customer service to our acquaintances and we will recommend you, THANKS AGAIN!”

read more

MR AND MRS Marchal., France

Congratulations for the efficiency and the kindness during the first phone call, the timely delivery and the quality of the product...

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The quality was very high - better than most Marquees I have seen and better than I expected. The material is thick and reassuringly durable and the Marque felt very robust...

read more

Mike Keating, Ireland

The marquee arrived in one piece across. As the summer has been quite rainy, we have spent a lot of time in our fabulous marquee. Thank you for everything...

read more

Merja and family, Finland

Dear sir, Just recieved the 3x3m paviljoen. Thank you for Quick delivery, we are very pleased with the pavilion.
Again thank you for the outstanding service.

read more

Fam. Gerrit Kers, Holland

Thank you very much for your quick answer and the fantastic support.
I really appreciate your fast response and how easy your solve problems to make your customers satisfied. This should be a...

read more

Carsten Hogrefe, Germany

Thank you very much. The shipment is arrived en we've put the tent together. It worked out great.

read more

Hans Vermeer, Holland

Installation is simple and fast and the material is highly resistant to weather and stormy wind. I would recommend without hesitation.

read more

R. Mathez, Switzerland

The ease of installation make it easy to install the first time and without efforts. This is really nice !! To recommend with no hesitation.

read more

Roland CONDOR, France

I just found out your email so far. I totally forgot to thank you for your professionalism and your company one. For delivery that you made in a timely manner.

read more

F DUEZ, France

We won’t forget to send you some potential customers soon!

read more

F DOLCI, Italy

...wanted to thank you for your business and your professionalism.

read more

Alain Exbrayat, France

Thank you very much for your great service. I have received the gazebo and we are very happy with it.

read more

Julie Wilkes, Australien, Spain

The bubble has been running smoothly, no problems at all...

read more

Michael Kjæhr Andersen, Denmark

I congratulate you and I will recommend your company to everyone, truly a leader in quality and reliability.

read more

Brizzolara Mauro , Italy

Everything is perfect; I am satisfied with my purchase and your services...

read more

Michel C., France

Thanks, I'm glad I got to know about you. I won't hesitate to recommending you again.

read more

Isabel Fraga, Spain

You really have an internet-service that matches the level of our expectations and even more. I will surely recommend you to my acquaintances and I think I will be ordering again soon.

read more

Bruno, France

I really appreciate your realibility, it’s exceptional nowadays. I will not fail to advertise you - delays held - good material quality.

read more

Jean Pierre aus Briscous, France

DANCOVER is a very serious company and at this level it is of exceptional. I won't hesitate to advertise them and with no moderation.

read more

Madame Legranger, France

Really good service... I will definitely recommend you if I hear about anybody else who are in need of a tent.

read more

Mai Britt Mattich, Denmark

... i would just like to say what a superb piece of kit it is and what an absolutele pleasure it was to purchase from yourselves, the process from start to finish was so effortless and the...

read more

Martin, United Kingdom

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