Different types of greenhouses

All greenhouses are transparent structures made for growing various sorts of plants by exploiting the sun's warmth to heat the interior, making the inside of the greenhouse warm and well-protected against the weather. When that is said, a greenhouse can be many different things made of all sorts of materials, in various sizes, designs, and more, from a straightforward home-made frame covered in greenhouse film up to our large and elegant orangeries or commercial greenhouses. The following overview of greenhouse types can help you find and select the most suitable greenhouse for you. Please note that our Xperts can help you answer any questions you may have concerning the various greenhouses. However, questions about plants and such we kindly ask you to direct at your local plant market or a similar place where you buy your plants and more.  

Polytunnel greenhouses

Polytunnel greenhouses are often seen as an alternative to the more expensive greenhouses made of aluminium and polycarbonate or tempered glass. A polytunnel greenhouse is a practical greenhouse, which can get you started growing vegetables, fruits and flowers for a small amount and in no time as they are easy to assemble and set up. Like most other types of greenhouses, a polytunnel greenhouse can extend the garden season, so you can start early in the spring and continue far into the autumn, somewhat depending on the weather.

Polytunnel greenhouses are easy to assemble 

You can have polytunnel greenhouses with a galvanised steel frame, hot-dipped steel frame, or a frame made of solid plastic or PVC. There is a sturdy cover over the frame, easy to adjust and mount when you have assembled the structure. The covers are UV-resistant and have perfect light transmission – sometimes as high as 95 % if you choose a transparent greenhouse cover.

Polytunnel greenhouse for the summer season

When you choose a polytunnel greenhouse, you must be aware that it is intended as a seasonal form of coverage and not as a permanent structure. We recommend taking down the polytunnel greenhouse in the autumn and setting it up again in the spring. Furthermore, it is imperative that you keep the cover on your polytunnel greenhouse stretched and taut at all times. Otherwise, water may pile up on top of the greenhouse, causing it to collapse!   

Polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate greenhouses are classic greenhouses with a galvanised steel frame or maybe a frame in aluminium. The glass panes have been replaced with the far sturdier polycarbonate, which is almost unbreakable. At the same time, polycarbonate is a much lighter material. Polycarbonate has a perfect light transmission and will let in the sun rays to perform their small miracles, making it possible to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies, grapes and flowers in all colours of the rainbow. A greenhouse with clear polycarbonate window panes looks exactly like the classic greenhouse with glass panes – a type of greenhouse that many associates with a ‘real’ greenhouse. In our opinion, it is a little old-fashion way to look at greenhouses as you get a lot of benefits with polycarbonate window panes. Another type of polycarbonate greenhouse has transparent window panes. Here, your plants are a little more protected from direct sunlight but without compromising the light transmission and growth conditions. To sum it up – polycarbonate greenhouses can stand for a little more than traditional glass when it comes to stray balls, falling branches, hail, and more.

Glass greenhouses

A glass greenhouse is beautiful, classic, and considered a real greenhouse because that is the way they used to make greenhouses. Our glass greenhouses have tempered glass as window panes, so they are strong, durable, and elegant. The clear glass windows will let in the sun so the plants can thrive and grow. Sometimes you need to put up a little shade as the glass lets in a lot of sunlight. Our glass greenhouses have frames in plain aluminium or powder-coated aluminium. The glass greenhouses are available in many sizes, shapes, and designs to match your dreams and needs. Use them for plants only or make a wonderful gazebo with furniture and room for relaxation, dining, and creative pursuits like painting and more.

Lean-to greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are unique greenhouses for the small garden or an extra greenhouse near or on the patio. You can use it for seedlings in the spring and all sorts of flowers and herbs during the summer. In general, a lean-to greenhouse has no back wall, so you have to place it up against a wall – the house or a garden wall. The lean-to greenhouse has the same qualities as a traditional greenhouse and can be used for all sorts of plants. The lean-to models are, in general, a little smaller than some of the other freestanding greenhouses but have perfect growth conditions for all kinds of plants. Having a lean-to greenhouse, you can have an abundance of beautiful flowers, herbs, and vegetables right next to your patio, yard, or balcony. From the early spring, you can start enjoying the tiny sprouts inside the greenhouse. All through summer and well into autumn, you can enjoy lush leaves, flowers, and more.


Having an orangery will add style and elegance to most gardens and more. An orangery is a sizeable high-quality greenhouse but with a design and elegant details to make it a little more. Most will use an orangery as a combination of a greenhouse and a garden gazebo with furniture inside and plants. A large and beautiful orangery provides you with room for relaxation, contemplation, and growing flowers and much more. You have a unique space with an elegant orangery where you can sit sheltered from the wind and the rain. You can also enjoy the outside even when the weather is not perfect for being in the garden as such. The orangery will look magnificent in itself. Filled with nice furniture and large plants, it will soon become the natural place to be in the garden. We offer various elegant orangeries in different sizes and shapes - with glass panes or polycarbonate panes. 

Mini greenhouses

A mini greenhouse has all the same qualities as a large greenhouse. By choosing a mini greenhouse, you can enjoy most of the pleasures of having a greenhouse even if you do not have a lot of room. Our mini-greenhouse selection is intended for small gardens, patios, roof terraces, and balconies. A mini greenhouse is also perfect when you want a place with special growth conditions to grow many different kinds of plants - especially when you want to extend the garden season and start planting seeds, seedlings, and sprouts early in the spring. A small greenhouse may offer better growth conditions in the early spring than a large greenhouse, so our small greenhouses are perfect for getting an early start. We have cold frames and nurseries – some with trays for seedlings - especially made for the dedicated gardener, who want to make the most of the garden and make a lot of produce. Some may not want a large greenhouse as it takes more room and time to maintain, then a mini greenhouse or cold frame is a perfect choice. You can have cold frames and nurseries in galvanised steel, aluminium and polycarbonate. We also have raised garden beds with a cover like a small greenhouse.

Snow-proof greenhouses

Our wide range of Snow-proof greenhouses is solid and durable greenhouses with a reinforced frame to withstand snow's weight in the winter. Our robust snow-proof greenhouses are regular greenhouses with perfect growth conditions – just with a stronger frame. In the summer, you can enjoy a traditional greenhouse and will not think about the fact that it is made to withstand snow. When the winter set in, though, you can sleep at night knowing that your greenhouse is safe outside in the snow. Please check the specific snow load for your snow-proof greenhouse so you get the right snow load following the weather where you live.

The snow-proof greenhouses have a much higher snow and wind load than ordinary greenhouses, but the snow load varies from greenhouse to greenhouse. These sturdy greenhouses are made for areas with much snow where standard greenhouse may be too frail to withstand a lot of snow. So, in short, our durable and robust snow proof greenhouses are traditional greenhouses for growing an abundance of delicious homegrown vegetables, fruit and flowers. Our snow proof greenhouses have snow loads as high as 450 kg/m2, so they are built to withstand a large amount of snow and severe wind.

Commercial greenhouses

We also offer high-quality greenhouses for professional growers like farmers, gardeners, and other professionals. The large greenhouses come with polycarbonate panes or with durable greenhouse foil in one or two layers. The large and spacious greenhouses provide an economical and efficient place to grow all sorts of produce, from delicious vegetables to beautiful flowers. The sturdy and efficient greenhouse structures provide optimal growth conditions due to the perfect light transmission, ventilation openings, and other essential features. Our commercial greenhouses have large doors providing easy access and extra ventilation when needed. Whether you prefer the greenhouses with polycarbonate panes or one or two layers of film, you will have a strong and durable commercial greenhouse with a sturdy frame made of galvanised steel and a durable cover. All our commercial greenhouses provide the perfect growing conditions.  

Greenhouse film for DIY greenhouses

Greenhouse film is a perfect solution for gardening and agriculture professionals and private garden owners who want to construct their DIY greenhouse at an affordable price. The heavy-duty greenhouse film comes on a roll, making it easier to work with when you built your greenhouse or need to cover various plants and more. The potent greenhouse film is durable, and it has reinforced edges on both sides. The greenhouse film has good light transmission qualities to ensure good growth conditions inside the greenhouse or polytunnel you build. Using our greenhouse film, you can make your own very affordable greenhouse and enjoy an abundance of homegrown vegetables, fruit, and flowers. The greenhouse film will endure temperatures between -40° up to 80°. We recommend using our double-sided foam tape to protect the greenhouse film at sharp corners and edges. Furthermore, we offer repair tape for the greenhouse film if you should have an accident.

Greenhouse accessories

We offer a selection of various greenhouse accessories like ventilation windows, extensions, raised beds, shelves, plant stands, potting benches, irrigation systems, and much more – all for making your greenhouse experience even better. A greenhouse can provide you with homegrown, organic food and beautiful flowers. To make the most of your greenhouse, you need to be confident that the greenhouse's growth conditions are optimal. Our various accessories can help you make the most of your greenhouse – controlling the indoor climate, ventilate when required, water regularly and so on. By controlling the temperature and humidity, you can make sure that the plants are thriving and growing. You can also have raised steel flowerbeds, ground bars for extra stability and height, and extensions so you can have even more room for growing your produce.

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