Which Garden gazebo should you choose?

We offer a wide range of high-quality gazebos – from our interim FleXtents® pop-up gazebos for parties and other events to our wooden gazebos that will last for many years. Our permanent gazebos include – apart from the sturdy and elegant Modularo™ wooden gazebos – gazebos in steel, aluminium, or polyester – with different kinds of roofs in metal, polycarbonate, or fabric. Even though a gazebo may be a simple structure, we offer very different kinds of gazebos so spend a little time to find out how you want to use your gazebo. Is it just for shade, for relaxation, for social events, for the barbecue – or in a professional context? It goes without saying that you can order more than one gazebo if you need a gazebo for more than one purpose. In case of questions about the various gazebos, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, og use our Chat in the shop.

Did you know?

Another word for gazebo is ‘belvedere’. The word derives from Italian meaning ‘nice view’. If possible, place your garden gazebo somewhere with a view and you will enjoy spending time inside the gazebo even more.


Here you can see the wide range of high-quality gazebos to choose from:


  1. Garden gazebos in maintenance-free steel
  2. Garden gazebos in maintenance-free aluminium
  3. Garden gazebos with hardtop metal roof
  4. Garden gazebos with polycarbonate roof
  5. Garden gazebos in solid wood
  6. Garden gazebos with polyester roof
  7. Garden gazebos PRO
  8. Pergola gazebos med flexible roof
  9. Orangeries
  10. FleXtents® pop-up gazebos
  11. Bioclimatic pergolas


A. Garden gazebos in maintenance-free steel

All our various garden gazebos come with a strong and durable frame. Whether it is our interim FleXtents® Steel pop-up gazebos or the permanent Osiris garden gazebos, they have a frame made of steel. The Osiris gazebos have a frame in powder-coated steel, which make them durable and maintenance-free. In general, you can say that all our metal gazebos are maintenance-free as you do not have to worry about rot, peel, or rust – this goes for our gazebos with a steel frame as well as all the gazebos with a frame made of aluminium. Our gazebo PRO range is also in powder-coated galvanised steel, handmade and only made on demand. These exclusive gazebos are for anyone who wants the best – as a private garden owner or as a professional running a hotel or restaurant where you want to offer your customers and guests the best when they are outside.


B. Garden gazebos in maintenance-free aluminium

Our range of garden gazebos with an aluminium frame is even larger than the range of gazebos with a steel frame. The aluminium makes the gazebos light, strong, durable, and maintenance-free – in short, all the features you want your garden gazebo to have. You can enjoy these permanent garden gazebos for many years is you just make sure to remove the curtains and sidewalls during the winter and in case of bad weather with much wind. Another elegant solution with an aluminium frame is our minimalistic pergola gazebos. They are also light and will provide shade from the sun so you can stay outside for as long as you want. The roof of the pergola gazebos is flexible so you can have shade or full sun depending on the weather and your mood. The roof can be soft and durable fabric or movable slats – both kinds of roof can be moved by a handle or a crank.


C. Garden gazebos with hardtop metal roof

We offer garden gazebos in many different styles, designs, and materials such as steel, aluminium, fabric, wood, and polycarbonate. A popular range of garden gazebos are our gazebos with a roof in metal – the so-called hardtop metal roofs. The metal roof makes the garden gazebo even more stable and durable and will provide pleasant shade and shelter from most kinds of weather. Several of the hardtop roofs has a ventilation opening at the top so moist, heat, and smoke can get away so the air and temperature inside the gazebos is nice at all times. Even when it is warm, it is easy to keep a pleasant temperature inside a gazebo as you can open or close the sidewalls or curtains as you please.


D. Garden gazebos with polycarbonate roof

Garden gazebos with a polycarbonate roof is another wonderful addition to your garden, patio, yard, or atrium. A polycarbonate garden gazebo makes it possible to be outside in the garden in the shade without you have to sit in the dark. The durable polycarbonate roof will provide shade without shutting out the light completely. Our polycarbonate gazebos are made of durable and maintenance-free materials like aluminium and the strong and almost unbreakable polycarbonate. Several of the polycarbonate gazebos have an opening in the top of the roof for ventilation. The opening allows hot air and smoke to get out from the gazebo providing a better air inside the gazebo. The polycarbonate gazebos are easy to assemble and like most of our many other garden gazebos, the polycarbonate gazebos have sidewalls, curtains, and mosquito net to provide the perfect setting at all times.


E. Garden gazebos in solid wood

A wooden garden gazebo is another solution when you want a special place outside with shade and shelter. Our various wooden gazebos will add a lot of style and ambience to any garden, patio, park or anywhere else you need to have a place for drinking coffee, reading a book, paint, or have a conversation about everything and nothing at all. A wooden gazebo is a simple, sturdy structure that can be used during the day as well as in the evening, and well into the night for that matter. The gazebo provides pleasant shade during the day, and in the evening, the wooden gazebo protects you from the falling dew and provide shelter from the cool evening air. At the same time, a wooden gazebo can shelter you from the rain, so you can stay inside listening to the rain on the roof. Furthermore, our popular and elegant Modularo™ gazebos in solid wood are built to last so you can enjoy them for many years.

Our wooden garden gazebos all have a great inflow of light and large doors making it easy to bring together the interior of the wooden gazebo with the garden outside. When you open up your wooden gazebo, the structure becomes a natural part of the garden, the patio, or wherever you have placed the gazebo. Most of our high-quality wooden gazebos are made of solid wood. Because the wood is allowed to grow slowly in the colder regions of Europe, your gazebo is made of a very stable, robust, and durable material, which will last for a long time, especially if you take care of it. We recommend that you treat your neutral wooden gazebo with some wood protection of some sort. First, you have to assemble your new wooden gazebo, though. Most of the gazebos are delivered as a pre-fabricated assembly set. We recommend that you are two for the job but no special tools are required. You simply follow the detailed assembly instruction.


F. Garden gazebos with polyester roof

Do you prefer a garden gazebo in a softer version? We offer a range of garden gazebos covered in fabric making them soft, elegant, and looking a little more like a marquee or tent than a garden gazebo. Our popular Osiris gazebos come in various natural colours and have a roof and sidewalls in 300 g/m² polyester with a PVC backing making it waterproof and durable. The cosy gazebos also have mosquito net on all four sides so you can enjoy your time inside the gazebo without being petered by flying insects. The sidewalls can be closed for shade and privacy or used as decoration tied to the four corner posts. The gazebos have a high peak with a built-in ventilation opening and a beautiful peak valance to complete the elegant look. We also have gazebos for the professionals in a soft and elegant look. The professional gazebos have a 590 g/m² PVC roof, which will provide shade and shelter for a long time.


G. Garden gazebos PRO

We offer a wide range of garden gazebos including an exclusive series of unique, handmade Italian garden gazebos. The series is aimed at hotels and restaurants but everybody can treat themselves to a luxury by having one of these exquisite garden gazebos in the garden. The beautiful, elegant, and handmade Italian garden gazebos are only built on demand. That means a keen attention to every little detail from start to finish. These handmade Italian gazebos are not only impressive when it comes to materials and design but also because of the large dimensions.


H. Pergola gazebos med flexible roof

Pergola gazebos are modern, minimalistic and flexible. Originally, a pergola was beams projecting from an exterior wall on a house and was supported by columns or pillars. Our pergola gazebos are freestanding and can be placed anywhere. Our pergolas easy recognisable with a flat roof and four posts. The roof is flexible as you can either draw the soft roof aside or turn the slats depending on the type of pergola you prefer. For some of our modern pergola gazebos, you can order wind-proof sidewalls separately. As opposed to most of our many different garden gazebos, our pergola gazebos are open structures without sidewalls or curtains. Visually, this makes the pergolas a much lighter construction, which will take up very little of the view from your garden or similar. No matter which of our elegant pergolas you prefer, you will have a wonderful place to enjoy your garden, patio, or pool even more.


I. Orangeries – a special kind of gazebos

Our range of elegant orangeries may not be gazebos as such but they have many of the same qualities as a classic gazebo. Having an orangery will also provide you with a special place for relaxation and you can enjoy your garden in all kinds of weather. It may get too hot inside an orangery when the sun is blazing, but in the morning, in the evening, on grey or rainy days, it is a treat to be inside this see-through gazebo. An orangery provides you with room for relaxation, contemplation, and for growing flowers and much more. With an elegant orangery on the patio or in the garden, you have a unique room where you can sit sheltered from the wind and the rain – or just enjoying the outside when the temperature is not quite high enough. An elegant orangery will look beautiful in itself and add style and ambience to your garden.

An orangery from Dancover consists of either glass or polycarbonate window panels assembled in an elegant aluminium frame. The light and classic structure looks amazing almost anywhere, and it will go well next to old style buildings as well as modern houses. Having a modern orangery, you have a haven and an extra room outside filled with light, plants, and with a wonderful 360° outlook. Combine the orangery with your patio, and you will have the best of both worlds: the orangery makes it possible to enjoy your garden no matter the weather and more or less all year round.


J. FleXtents® pop-up gazebos – the interim solution

FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are the ultimate pop-up gazebos to be used for private parties and professional events. Within just a few minutes, you can unfold lots of extra room for your guests so they can be inside an elegant, romantic, or practical room for almost any kind of event – informal or formal, private or professional. Only downside to these elegant and flexible pop-up gazebos is that they are not made for permanent use outdoor! FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are high-quality, lightweight, and portable gazebos, which you can use for numerous occasions where you need extra room as well as shelter from the sun or the rain. The flexibility of the Dancover FleXtents® pop-up gazebo has for many years been the professional benchmark when it comes to the perfect and easily manageable pop-up gazebo for almost any kind of event. Dancover has for a long time, secured its leading position when it comes to FleXtents pop-up gazebos and can celebrate thousands of happy and satisfied customers all over Europe.


K. Bioclimatic pergolas are flexible shelters

Bioclimatic pergolas are made to deal with the elements in an intelligent and flexible way. Having a bioclimatic pergola will give you much more quality time outside no matter what the weather is like. The roof of a bioclimatic pergola can be opened and closed by turning a handle or by using a remote. This way you can enjoy the sun when you want to and have pleasant shade if you feel like it. Even if it rains you can stay outside in your pergola. Did you know that you can more or less design your bioclimatic pergola? If you prefer an open pergola without any sidewalls or sunscreens, then you do not have to do anything apart from ordering one and assembling it. Do you want to install one or more sidewalls to shelter you even more from the elements? Simply order the number of screen walls you want from the shop.

The bioclimatic pergola for more time outside

Due to the high level of flexibility in our bioclimatic pergolas, you can enjoy time outside on the patio or in the garden in almost any kind of weather. You can open or close the moveable slats in the roof and if it rains, the roof is tight and the rain water will disappear down a built-in and hidden downpour inside the legs of the pergola. Our pergolas come with a strong aluminium frame, which you must fasten to the foundation. With one or more sidewalls or sunscreens mounted on the bioclimatic pergola, you can stay inside the structure without having to worry about the weather. You can easily open or close the roof by turning a handle inside the pergola or using the enclosed remote control. Some of our bioclimatic pergolas can be fitted with gliding doors in tempered glass to make the pergola even more sheltered. Use the bioclimatic pergolas as a patio cover or a freestanding or detached pergola right outside your house or somewhere else in the garden.


Our various brands for outdoor living


Patio Collection

Our Patio Collection includes a wide range of high-quality products for the garden and patio such as sturdy and elegant garden gazebos, which you can use as a shelter for a dining set, comfortable loungers, a barbecue, or a hot tub. No matter what you prefer, these wonderful gazebos will shelter you and provide you with a unique feeling of calm that only a gazebo of this quality can provide. Furthermore, our Patio Collection includes mini greenhouses, polytunnel greenhouses, and more.

CosyLifeStyle® – elegant products for outdoor living

CosyLifeStyle® by Dancover is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on all the good things in life – primarily in your garden, on the patio or just at home in general. This brand offers a wide range of modern garden gazebos as well as pergola gazebos, awnings, polycarbonate greenhouses, orangeries, parasols, heaters, and much more. The brand design and quality are based on classic design traditions with a focus on the combination of style, comfort, quality, and price. The range of high-quality products carrying the label ‘CosyLifeStyle®’ is the perfect mix of quality and at very competitive prices.

Modularo™ - the exclusive brand for the discerning garden owner

The Modularo™ brand offers a wide range of high-quality wooden structures in Nordic wood, which equals strong, durable, and beautiful garden gazebos, garden sheds, and wooden cabins. The Modularo™ brand combines style, comfort, high quality, and the Danish term ‘Hygge’ - meaning cosiness. The products from this popular brand can be sorted into three main categories:

      1. Garden sheds in solid wood
      2. Wooden garden gazebos
      3. Wooden cabins
      4. Carports

The common denominator for all of these products is the strong and durable materials. Having a wooden structure like a garden gazebo in solid wood will provide you with a special place for many years. You can have the sheds, gazebos, and cabins in natural wood or painted in dark or light grey. Please note that the gazebos and more in natural wood needs to be protected against the elements with some wood protection. Use a clear paint or in a colour of your liking.

All of these products are delivered as an easy DIY-set for you to assemble. You can of course get a professional to do the work, but if you have worked with a saw and a hammer before, you should be able to do it together with at least one other person as the components can be a little heavy as it is solid wood. The elegant wooden gazebos from Modularo™ provide pleasant shade from the sun and shelter you from the rain, so you can stay inside listening to the rain falling on the roof.

FleXtents® - the ultimate pop-up gazebos

FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are high-quality, lightweight, and portable gazebos to be used for numerous occasions such as markets, fairs, parties, events, and much more. The interim shelters are perfect to shelter you from the sun as well as the rain. The great flexibility of the FleXtents® pop-up gazebos have for many years been the professional benchmark when it comes to the perfect and easily manageable pop-up gazebo for almost any kind of event. You can have many different kinds of FleXtents® pop-up gazebos for private customers as well as professionals. No matter what you need a FleXtents® pop-up gazebo for, you are guaranteed to get them at attractive prices, a wide selection, fast delivery, and the option to draw on our extended experience and knowledge about interim shelters like these wonderful pop-up gazebos. With over 1.800 combinations counting sizes, designs, colours, and materials, you can always get the pop-up gazebo you need for almost any purpose or occasion. All of these pop-up gazebos are easy to mount, transport, store, and they can be mounted in only 60 seconds!

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