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Greenhouse Guide

Everybody with a garden should have a greenhouse – a small one, a large one, one for growing vegetables, or one for spending time in the garden even when it rains. With a greenhouse in your garden, you can enjoy homegrown vegetables for many months each year, grow plants that would not grow outside in the garden and even feast your eyes on tropical plants. You need to find out which kind of greenhouse you need before you can start enjoying all the benefits of having a greenhouse. Do you prefer a simple greenhouse with a wooden frame covered in greenhouse film, a polytunnel greenhouse, or would you like a high-quality greenhouse with a durable and robust metal frame and windows in glass or polycarbonate? What about a Snow-proof greenhouse for an area with much snow in the winter? Maybe you would like an orangery for passing the time outside in the garden in grand style without having to worry about too many plants.

No matter what you want, we have the greenhouse and all the accessories you need to make your dreams come true. In this Greenhouse Guide, you will find sound advice and hopefully get an overview of what to consider before ordering your new greenhouse. Please remember that many people may have regretted many things – buying a greenhouse is very seldom one of those things! Just make sure that you order a greenhouse big enough! You will soon discover the pleasures of going into a warm and cosy greenhouse filled with beautiful plants and maybe a comfortable chair or two. Here you can find some peace away from the hustle and bustle of the world – even when the weather tells you to go inside. 

Please have a look at our Greenhouse Guide to find out which kind of greenhouse you would like – which size, where to put it, which materials it should be made of, what should be inside it, and much more.


Fact Box:

Dancover is one of the leading suppliers of many different high-quality greenhouses – polytunnel greenhouses, polycarbonate greenhouses, glass greenhouses, commercial greenhouses, mini-greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses, and much more. Please note that we supply the setting for your homegrown food and flowers – we are not the expert in which plants you should grow in the greenhouse. The selection of plants is so enormous that very few people know everything there is to know about growing things in a greenhouse – or the garden, for that matter. That is why we urge you to prepare a little for the new adventure by consulting the internet, talking to people with some experience with greenhouses, or visit your local nursery or plant market. Here you can find dedicated experts who can help you select and take care of all sorts of plants.

Part of the fun of having a greenhouse is also the learning experience – soon, you will know a lot about the different plants, soil, fertiliser, pest and bugs, and much more.   

DIY-greenhouse or a professional easy-to-assemble kit

How much work do I want to put into building my greenhouse? If you know how to, you can build your greenhouse from the foundation to the roof using new materials or recycled materials with everything from the bricks to the windows. Then you can have a unique greenhouse that you have designed and built yourself. You can also order a professional greenhouse on the internet, have it delivered and assembled in just a few days. You will no doubt get a lot of credit from friends if you have made...

Different types of greenhouses

All greenhouses are transparent structures made for growing various sorts of plants by exploiting the sun's warmth to heat the interior, making the inside of the greenhouse warm and well-protected against the weather. When that is said, a greenhouse can be many different things made of all sorts of materials, in various sizes, designs, and more, from a straightforward home-made frame covered in greenhouse film up to our large and elegant orangeries or commercial greenhouses. The following...

What to consider before buying a greenhouse?

Maybe you already know everything there is to know about which greenhouse you want. If you have had greenhouses before, you know all the pros and cons – and what you prefer. If you are about to order your first greenhouse ever, we are pretty sure that you have several questions. It would help if you considered lots of things so you and your plants can enjoy the greenhouse for many years. You need to decide which kind of greenhouse you like, how much money you want to spend, how big the...

How to find the right spot for the new greenhouse

You must find the best place for your greenhouse concerning the sun, your garden in general, tall trees, the house, the entrance, and much more. Start by measuring the garden and get to know the movement of the sun throughout the day. Please note that the sun moves very differently in the spring and the fall. A greenhouse depends on the right amount of sun and light to provide your plants' best growth conditions. You can always hang a shade net inside the greenhouse if the sun is too intense at...

Making the proper foundation for your greenhouse

Most greenhouses must have a plane and firm foundation. However, how much work you need to do before you assemble or build your greenhouse depends on the type of greenhouse you want. If you go for a simple polytunnel greenhouse, you can more or less put it anywhere. Place it directly on the ground if the ground is nicely even and plane. Many of the greenhouses with a frame in aluminium or galvanised steel require a little more. If you place the frame directly on the grass or soil, it must be...

How to assemble your greenhouse

When you have decided to order a greenhouse from Dancover, we must assume that you have decided which type of greenhouse you want, how small or big it should be, where to put it, made the foundation and made sure that the spot for the new greenhouse is perfect in regard to the sun, shadow from buildings and big trees and more. Then you press order and wait a few days for us to deliver your new greenhouse. Room enough for two persons to assemble the greenhouse Before you receive the...

How to insulate your greenhouse

As a rule, a greenhouse will extend the garden season by several months. By having a heater inside the greenhouse, you can extend the season even longer and, in some cases, to the entire year. With a heater or a fan, you can heat the greenhouse so you can stay in there, or you can make sure that the temperature never drops below a certain level to avoid damaging your plants. If possible, the greenhouse is the perfect place to have potted plants from the garden and patio to stay in during the...

How to warm up your greenhouse

When you have selected the greenhouse you want and are ready to fill it with plants and furniture, you will have to consider how warm the greenhouse should be. The same goes for the relative air humidity. All this plays a significant role in the well-being of your plants. Typically, a greenhouse will warm up automatically when the sun rays hit it. That is how greenhouses work! However, the sun may not shine all the time, and maybe you have plants that require a higher temperature, i.e., during...

How to ventilate your greenhouse

A greenhouse is supposed to get warm and humid inside – only not too moist as it can damage the plants and cause various diseases. It would be best if you kept an eye on the humidity level in the greenhouse – no matter which kinds of plants you grow in there. Depending on the plants you have in your greenhouse, the temperature should be between 15 and 25° C – with a humidity level between 60 and 80 per cent. The plants will stop growing when the temperature drops to below 10 ° C - if the...

How to water the plants inside the greenhouse

We all know that plants need to be watered – how much and how often can vary depending on the plant, time of year, temperature, soil, light, and more. Plants inside a greenhouse often have a limited amount of soil compared to plants outside. This means that the plants often require more water than similar plants outside – a little dependent on the temperature, soil, and more. Popular greenhouse plants like tomatoes and cucumbers need 2-4 litres a day when they are fully grown, producing tomatoes...

Light and shade in the greenhouse

Your plants need light, and by having the plants inside a greenhouse, they will get plenty of light during the spring, summer, and part of the autumn – a little depending on where you live. Because the greenhouse has a roof and walls made of glass or polycarbonate, the sunlight will come more or less unhindered into the greenhouse doing its magic by making the plants grow. The process of plants growing is called photosynthesis. In short, this process is the basis for life itself as it transforms...

Greenhouses in the winter

Most greenhouses are not in use during the winter as it will get too cold inside the greenhouse for plants to grow. However, if you have a well-insulated greenhouse, you can use it all year – for plants or as a pavilion. With a bit of effort, you can use your ordinary greenhouse for storing various potted plants and more. Maybe you will have to insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap or put a heater inside to avoid temperatures below zero, depending on the plants you have inside the greenhouse....

Making the greenhouse safe from the elements

We offer many solid and sturdy greenhouses with a high wind and snow load. However, not all greenhouses are made to withstand very rough weather. Our polytunnel greenhouses are intended as a seasonal coverage and not a permanent structure instead of our greenhouses with a frame made of aluminium or steel. When you consider a greenhouse and place it in the garden and more, make sure you put it somewhere sheltered. On the other hand, do not place the greenhouse too close to large trees, at the...

Make your greenhouse ready for the new season

A greenhouse is a wonderful place where you can enjoy lots and lots of beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables – not to mentioned how great it is just to be inside a warm greenhouse filled with lush plants. However, a greenhouse also requires a little work – during the season, of course, but especially when you start a new season. Here is what you should do before you start filling fresh soils into your pots, containers, beds and trays. 1. Start by emptying your greenhouse If possible,...

Greenhouses for urban farming

Urban farming has become a significant trend with people in cities worldwide growing food right where they live or nearby. We may sell most of our greenhouses to families with a garden somewhere. However, we also sell many mini-greenhouses and nurseries to people living in apartments with a balcony or maybe even a rooftop terrace. We are also proud to supply many city dwellers with all sorts of greenhouses as they come together to grow food together with other people. It can be in an empty lot...

Plants for the greenhouse

We like to stress that we know a lot about our products – greenhouses in different sizes and materials, but we are NOT experts when it comes to all the various plants you can grow inside a greenhouse. The sky is the limit when it comes to plants you can have inside a greenhouse. As the number of different plants in the world amounts to nearly 400.000, we will not tell you which plants to select when you order a greenhouse from us. It depends on so many things – what do you like, do you want...

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