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As a company or organisation, you need to promote your name and logo in a professional way many different places. Despite the growing e-commerce, you still have a wide range of physical activities where you can make yourself seen if you know how. In the showroom, at fairs and all kinds of events where you can meet your existing and potential customers, business partners and employees. 

As a private customer, you need to arrange parties and events from time to time when you want to celebrate some of life’s highlights like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings and more. With some of our event furniture and accessories, you can arrange a wonderful event where you and your guest can enjoy the special occasion inside a luxurious marquee with all the things you need for such a special day. 

We are one of the leading European suppliers of high-quality event products such as marquees, pop-up gazebos, folding tables and chairs, lighting, heating, and much more. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of professional display and branding products to promote your company or organisation.

In short, we offer many of the products to create the perfect setting for private parties and professional events. Products to shelter your guests from the sun and the rain, to make the event functional and comfortable whether you arrange a party, a fair, a market or a sports event. To make the event unique and personal, we offer a wide range of printed promotional products – from feather flags and banners to pop-up gazebos - with your logo and much more digitally printed on.

For you to have the optimal event experience, we offer personal service and advice before, during and after any purchase. Please call us if you have questions about some of the many event products in the shop.

How to plan a professional event

As a professional, you properly know everything there is to know about planning an event – or how to go about participating in one. However, this being an Event Guide, we feel the need to make a quick look at how to plan an event in general lines. Dancover specialises in event equipment like pop-up gazebos, marquees, folding tables and chairs, banners, beach flags, rollers and much more – many of the products is available with your logo and art-work digitally printed on the product for optimal attention at the event. But before you get to that, there are a few key steps you need to go through.

- Which kind of event(s) are you going to arrange and why
- Where and when
- Budget
- What is the purpose of the event(s)
- Who are in charge of the planning
- Who are going to be on-site at the event
- What is the size of the stand
- Safety measurements in regard to fire and more
- Style and look of the stand
- How to promote the event beforehand
- How to brand and promote your company at the event
- What to order from Dancovershop.com

When doing an event plan, it is always a good idea to consider the acronym SMART! That is taking in consideration the terms Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time. When you evaluate the various bullet points of your event plan with these criteria and they pass, there is a good chance that you will have a great event. Please note that it is always important to set up a target or an objective for each event you arrange. If not, it can be difficult to know whether the effort of the event has been worthwhile.

Display and branding products for professional promotion

Display and branding is an essential part of creating positive attention for your company. Even though social media plays an increasing part in your marketing effort, you still have to make yourself seen at various events such as fairs, markets and sports events – and on an everyday basis at your shop or inside the showroom. We offer a wide range of high-quality display and branding products with digital print. With customised branding products you will increase your potential for a positive...

Promotion tents with digital print

Communication is everything when you want to create attention for your company or organisation. ‘Loud’ and ‘clear’ are two important words when you want to make your message come across. At various kinds of professional events, you are often met by numerous messages in the shape of tents, signs, posters, roller banners, beach flags, and much more. We can help you make your logo and more stand out and make a difference despite the fierce competition. One thing you can be sure of – if you do not...

FleXtents© pop-up gazebo banners

Our FleXtents® pop-up gazebo banners with digital print are made to create positive attention at fairs, markets, and other events. We offer various sizes of the banners for your pop-up gazebo – from a banner measuring 20 cm up to a large banner 1 m wide. We offer FleXtents® pop-up gazebos with digital print so you can create a unique setting for the event. You can have your logo printed on the valance of the gazebo or go all in with a full digital print all over the cover. Having one or more...

Roller banners for your professional events

Having a roller banner is a great way to make your company seen at fairs, meetings, markets or in a shop. The compact and affordable roller banners in lightweight materials are easy to bring with you everywhere. Thanks to the innovative system, the roller banner contains a large poster rolled up inside the aluminium cassette. We offer to print the roller banner with your design and deliver it directly to your company. Start by sending us your art work according to the instructions in the shop,...

Pop up banners for outdoor events and more

With a pop-up banner, you can make sure that everybody will see your logo when visiting the fair, market or sports event. We offer a wide range of display and branding products for professional use including the po-up banners with digital print. Use the banners as part of your general promoting at fairs, markets, product launches, sports events and other kinds of events. You send us your logo or art work, we print the banner and send it to you so you can use it over and over at various events –...

Elegant feather flags or teardrop flags

Feather flags and teardrop flags with a digital print will always create positive attention. When used outdoor the flags will often move in the wind creating even more attention. The elegant flags in lightweight materials are perfect to create attention at fairs, markets, and sports events. Let us print your logo or similar on the elegant feather flags or teardrop flags. Use the slim and elegant flags to attract visitors and guests to your stand at the event. With an elegant flag, you can be...

Brochure stands for printed material

Brochure stands are lightweight, foldable and stable. With a brochure stand in the shop, showroom or at the fair, you have a unique way to present your sales materials like brochures and more. Place the elegant brochure stand near the aisle on the fair to attract the attention of passers-by. The foldable brochure stand is very easy to set up, fold, transport, and store. There is room for various folders, brochures or other kinds of presentation and sales materials on the slanting shelves. The...

Display walls with digital print

A unique display wall with digital printing can often be the perfect solution when you want to stand out at professional events like trade fairs, exhibitions, product launches, and more. A display wall will look inviting and professional on your stand at a fair and make the perfect backdrop. You can combine more than one display wall to make a long wall for movie premieres, award shows, sports events and more. Please note that we also offer red carpet runners with print for these occasions! The...

A-boards – the easy and affordable solution

You may feel that an A-board or pavement sign is a little old fashion. However, do not underestimate how good these boards are for catching the attention of new and existing customers outside a shop or next to your stand on the fair. That is why you still see plenty of A-boards outside shops in the street or inside shopping centres. Having an A-board in front of your store or office, you can convey a message for all passers-by so they notice your business in an elegant, flexible and simple...

Event & Display Packages

With one of our Event & Display Packages, you can present your company in a professional way at fairs, markets, exhibitions and more. We all know how important it is to stand out and make a positive impression to attract customers. You can have various event and display packages with digital printing so you can show the world your logo and products in great style. Our Event & Display Packages comes with digital print included. The products in strong and lightweight materials are easy to...

Red carpet runners with print

We have all seen the iconic red-carpet runners at events around the world, where the rich and the famous are arriving to premieres, concerts, award shows and more. You may have seen this on the television at home as only a few of us are invited to these events. However, now you can make your own event making your guests feel like the VIPs from the television. We offer elegant red-carpet runners with print – you can also have a red-carpet runner without print! By having a red-carpet runner with...

Marquees and pop-up gazebos for your event

More than anything, marquees and FleXtents® pop-up gazebos offer shelter from the elements. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, a garden party, a corporate event, or a trade show, a marquee or pop-up gazebo can provide protection from the sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions that might otherwise spoil your event. This ensures that your guests, customers, or colleagues are comfortable and can enjoy the event to the fullest. Luckily, marquees and pop-up gazebos are highly...

FleXtents® pop-up gazebos with or without digital print

FleXtents® pop-up gazebos and marquees are available in over 1.800 different combinations when you count different sizes, colours, designs, and accessories. You can use the various FleXtents® for most kinds of events – from private parties to professional events like fairs, markets, and sports events – indoor or outdoor as you please. The FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are very strong, elegant and flexible lightweight structures, which can be used for most kind of events where you need extra room....

Marquees in PE

Our marquees with a PE cover are affordable and will provide the perfect setting for most events. However, if you are going to use the marquee many times throughout the year, then we recommend that you order one of our strong and durable PVC marquees. The marquees with a PVC cover often cost a little more than our PE marquees but you will definitely get your money’s worth. The marquees in PVC are stronger and made for more frequent use than most of the PE marquees. Please note that all our...

Marquees in PVC

An elegant PVC marquee can make the perfect setting for all kinds of events. The sturdy PVC cover in combination with a strong steel frame provides the perfect extra and interim space for your exhibition, product launch, company party and much more. The strong and durable PVC covers are like a truck cover or a high-quality tarpaulin. The covers in PVC have a closely knitted structure and feel soft and rubbery. The PVC covers are 100% waterproof, extremely weather resistant and durable. A...

Flexible CombiTents® marquees

Our popular CombiTents® marquees are simply the most flexible marquee solution on the market! We have divided the CombiTents® marquees into sections as the only marquee! Thanks to the sections, this marquee is extremely flexible. You can have as many as 6 marquees in 1 – and add extensions to that if you want! This innovative solution means that you always have a marquee to match the number of guests at your event. You simply assemble and use the number of sections, you need! Simple but very...

UNICO marquees in beautiful colours

Traditionally, a marquee has a cover in PVC or PE – and very often in a neutral white colour. These classic and functional marquees are perfect for most events. But what if you could have a marquee in a beautiful colour like bright red, blue or green? You can – it is called UNICO marquees and these marquees combine the strong steel frame from traditional marquees with a light and durable cover made of 300 g/m2 polyester with a PVC backing. Imagine an elegant UNICO marquee in your favourite...

Marquees PRO for the professional event and more

The marquees PRO is a professional series of marquees aimed at rental companies. These marquees provide you with the best quality, design, functionality and durability. The series has a beautiful look and feel with an extremely sturdy aluminium frame and a durable, heavy-duty PVC cover for the roof and the sidewalls. The marquees PRO series comes with a fire certificate so you can use the marquees at various professional event where these certificates are required. The professional marquee...

Exclusive dome-shaped Multipavillon marquees

These unique dome-shaped marquees provide you with an easy-to-assemble frame in combination with a sturdy and flame retardant cover. All in all, you will have great functionality, flexibility and simplicity when it comes to putting the different domes together. The dome marquee Multipavillon series is designed and developed in Denmark based on the idea of offering a flexible and perfect setting for all kinds of events – not to mention romantic. The unique feature is that you can combine the...

How big should the marquee for the event be?

If you have arranged events before, you properly know how large a marquee you need for your upcoming events. If not, we offer a little advice on the matter here. The size of a marquee depends on several things - where are you going to have the marquee, how many people are attending the event, are they going to sit down at tables to eat, is it a standing reception and do you need room to display products, a scene for presentation, room for a buffet, and so on. Here you can see how much room...

Spare parts and accessories for your marquee and FleXtents®

We offer a wide range of accessories for all our marquees and pop-up gazebos. The accessories include everything from carry bags and spare parts to elegant linings and ground bar frames for increased stability. You can order new parts if you have an accident or something is lost – new sidewalls, end walls, extensions, rain gutters and spare parts for the frame. This means that you can enjoy your marquee or pop-up gazebo for even longer as you can always order a spare part when you need it – or...

Event furniture for the fair and more

Any event requires various equipment such as tables and chairs and more depending of the kind of event you arrange or participate in. Apart from a marquee or a pop-up gazebo, most events will as a minimum require some sort of tables and chairs. At fairs and markets, the right equipment will make you stand out in a positive way and at the same time make it comfortable for guests and visitors to stay at your stand or stall. Furthermore, having the right furniture will help present your company in...

The right flooring makes all the difference

By laying a floor inside your marquee or pop-up gazebo, you can change the room from an ordinary experience to a professional look and feel. You may settle for a lawn or flagstones as floor, but if you want to raise the standard to a professional level, you need a proper floor inside the marquee. Change the marquee from a plain tent to an elegant functioning room. Furthermore, the tables and chairs will stand much more stable and the legs of the chairs do not sink into the ground. Even if you...

LED lighting to provide the right atmosphere

Whether you arrange a fair, a market, a sports event or something similar, you will need some lighting to create attention and a good ambience. Apart from orientation light, you need some lighting to create the right ambience. Light plays an important part no matter what kind of event we are talking about – especially in the evening, off course. But some beautiful fairy lights and more will also create a wonderful ambience inside a marquee during the day – especially inside one of the colourful...

Heaters for pleasant warmth and air circulation

When you arrange an event inside a marquee or in a pop-up gazebo, you are somewhat dependent on the weather. For you to create the most comfortable conditions for your guests and visitors, use one or more of our efficient heaters or electric fans. When you have an event indoor, the temperature also plays a crucial part – and we all know that the temperature often gets a little high if you have many people in the same room. Here one of our electric fans can create a pleasant air circulation to...

Safety equipment for the professional event

When you arrange a professional event or participate in one using a marquee or pop-up gazebo, safety plays a vital role! That is why you always have to take into consideration the ratio between weight and surface – and check the weather forecast before setting up the tent. The reason for this is, that a marquee or pop-up gazebo is a bit like a sail on a boat: Lightweight, strong and with a large surface. In short, the wind can take hold of the cover of your tent and move it! Even one of our...

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