Welcome to the Dancover FAQ – the most frequently asked questions about everything from marquees and lighting to delivery and returns. Here, you will find an answer to almost any question you may have so you can get an answer quick promptly and easily – even outside the opening hours of Dancover. If contrary to your expectations you do not find the answer you were looking for, the Dancover Experts are always ready to help you during opening hours.

Customer Service

How do I contact Dancover?

You have several options for contacting Dancover. You can telephone us at 24 92 55 49 during opening hours, which is Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. You can also send us a mail at uk@dancover.com or by Skype at ’Dancover’. During opening hours, our Experts are available on the Chat and can answer your questions about products, freight and more.

What are the opening hours at Dancover?

Dancover is an e-shop, which means you can shop 24/7 365 days a year – exactly when it suits you. Do you want to speak to one of our professional sale advisors? Please call us at 24 92 55 49 Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM. We are ready to answer any questions and offer advice before, during or after a purchase. At the shop, you can also have an Expert call you. If you do so, one of our advisors will contact you as soon as he or she is available – within opening hours.

Can I talk to an expert?

One of the reasons numerous people choose to buy their marquee, storage tent or shelter at Dancover is, without doubt, the fact that at Dancover, you can always speak with experts, who can answer questions and give advice about materials, durability, payment and delivery. www.dancovershop.com is present all over Europe, and no matter where you are located, you can get help by phone, mail, Skype or Chat. You can always get advice and guidance before, during and after a purchase at Dancover.

What do I do in case of missing parts and deficiencies?

Dancover ships thousands of deliveries every single day so occasionally mistakes unfortunately occur. In those cases, we have an easy and straightforward procedure, which you can read more about here. Have you not received your order or did you receive the wrong goods or are one or more items broken on arrival? We have a standard procedure, which makes it easy and simple to correct the mistake. If you follow our instructions on how to report a mistake, we are usually able to process all claims within 24 hours except on Sundays and Public Holidays.



What are the opening hours at Dancover?

www.dancovershop.com is a 100% internet business and as such is open 24 hours every day and all year round. It may happen that due to technical maintenance or failure beyond our control, we have to shut down briefly. It is only possible to make a purchase while the shop is up and running.

Who can shop at www.dancovershop.com?

As a rule, everybody can shop at www.dancovershop.com. The only conditions are that you are 18 years old and have a valid payment card, which we accept. You can see the different options under Payment. Are you under 18? You can buy goods if you have the approval of your guardian and in general have the legal right to make the purchase.

How do I order products at Dancover?

Like in most other e-shops, our website is user friendly and easy to navigate. Firstly, go to the shop and choose your country if needed. Next, find the item(s) you want to buy by pressing ‘Buy now’; the item is placed in the Shopping Cart. You can now choose to shop more or move to the Check Out. Furthermore, you are able to change the number of items or deleting items from the Shopping Cart. Do you want to see the shipping fee on the chosen items? You can see it in the Shopping Cart by entering your postal code. At the Checkout page, you enter your customer information and choose the payment and delivery. Remember to read and accept the Dancover payment conditions before you finish the purchase by pressing ‘Accept & Buy.' Following your purchase, you receive an e-mail as order confirmation.

The Dancover Buy-flow

  1. Enter www.dancovershop.com, choose your country if needed and find the items you wish to purchase and place it in the ”Shopping Cart.” You can change the content of the Shopping Cart all the way to you accept the purchase.
  2. When you have placed an item in the Shopping Cart, you can continue to shop and select more items. All the time you have the option to see, what is in the Shopping Cart and see the total price.
  3. Enter your postal code to see the total shipping fee.
  4. When you are ready to order, press ”Accept and Buy” and enter your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and choose way of payment and delivery.
  5. You can change the content of the Shopping Cart until you press to confirm your purchase by pressing the button ”Accept and Buy”. Then your order will be sent to Dancover for processing.
  6. When the order goes through you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Does Dancover charge a fee on payment cards?

At Dancover, you do not pay a fee on payment cards. Under “Payment”, you can see which payment cards you can use when shopping at www.dancovershop.com.

What is the price for having parcels delivered from Dancover?

Dancover do not have a fixed price on freight, as we have over 5.000 products in many different sizes and with very different weight. The freight will, therefore, be calculated and added just before you are ready to pay. You are at any point able to see what a chosen product will cost to send by entering your postal code in the Shopping Cart. It means you can always see how much you are going to pay for freight before you complete the purchase.

Can I see my Shopping Cart while shopping?

At www.dancovershop.com, the Shopping Cart is always visible on the right-hand side as soon as you have placed an item in it. You can continuously calculate and see freight for the products you have placed in the Shopping Cart before you move on to the Checkout. All you have to do is enter your postal code and the shop will provide the exact shipping fee for you. Furthermore, you can add or remove items all the time before checking out.

Can I check the shipping fee before buying?

Do you want to know the shipping fee for one or more items? Place the item(s) in question in the Shopping Cart. Click on “Buy Now” and then on “To Checkout” and then on “Calculate your shipping fee”. The shipping fee is calculated in accordance with weight and size. Parcels are normally sent by carrier.

Do I receive a confirmation after a purchase?

After a purchase at Dancover, you automatically receive an order confirmation at the mail address you have stated. Here, you can see which items you have purchased, the total price and estimated time of delivery. Due to our cooperation with different carriers, we cannot give you the exact time of delivery. As soon as a shipment leaves our stock, you receive a message from the carrier and a Trace & Tracking number, so you can trace the delivery. Normally, it takes 3-9 working days to deliver an item unless otherwise stated at the shop and provided the item is in stock. Furthermore, the exact time of delivery will be stated in the message you receive when the item is dispatched. If you want to know more about the time of delivery for your order, you can use the tracking number or contact the carrier in question before you contact Dancover, as we do not have the option to trace the order once the carrier has taken over the delivery.

Does Dancover have a showroom?

Dancover is a 100% internet based company, and therefore we do not have a showroom or a physical shop. We, on the other hand, make an effort to present our products thoroughly and clearly with photos and text by the various products at the shop. Here, you can see the measurement and weight as well as read a descriptive text about usage etc. Furthermore, a number of experts are ready to answer your questions about materials, freight, durability, usage and much more.

Is it possible to have custom made tents and tarpaulins made at Dancover?

Dancoverdoes not offer custom made tents and tarpaulins. Nevertheless, we do offer full digital print on our FleXtents, where you can have everything from a single logo to full digital print including both photos and text covering the entire tent. In that way, you can create your very own and unique marquee or folding gazebo. Read more about our FleXtents here. Contact Dancover Customer Service if you want to know more.

Please note - our CombiTents are the most flexible solution on the market, because you get many marquees in one so you always have a marquee, which will fit all events regardless of how many guests you want to invite.

Can I see whether a product is on stock?

When entering a single product at www.dancovershop.com, you can see a whole range of information about the product, including if it is on stock. Status of stock is shown with a green or red square. Normally, this square will be green, but if the product is not in stock, the square will be red. You are always welcome to contact Dancover and request for information about when a product is expected back in stock.

When do I receive my order?

Normally, we are able to deliver 3-9 working days after payment has been received, provided the product is in stock. Do you have questions regarding your delivery? We recommend that you contact the carrier in charge of the delivery. You always receive a confirmation from Dancover about the carrier, when we have dispatched the order from our stock.

Can I rent a marquee at Dancover?

Dancover is selling marquees and does not offer rental. On the other hand, we often sell marquees to professional rental companies so we do have marquees in a professional quality – but only for sale! If you are going to host more than one party, it will often be a good idea to invest in your own marquee. Very often, the price of renting a marquee is very close to the price you have to pay for your very own marquee. It means that when you use your marquee more than one time, you can save money on rental every time you host a party or event of any kind. Dancover also have tables, chairs, lighting and much more for your party.


Which payment methods can be used at Dancover ?

When shopping at www.dancovershop.com, you can use the following payment methods:

  • VISA, VISA Electron
  • MasterCard, Maestro
  • JCB
  • PayPal (incl. PayPal local partner credit cards)
  • Bank transfer (you pay via home banking or via your bank into our account. We send your shipment as soon as we receive payment).

Is it possible to open an account at Dancover?

No, Dancover do not offer an account.

Does Dancover charge a fee on payment cards?

At Dancover, you will not be charged any fee when you pay with your payment card. See here. which payment methods you can use.

What is Best Price Guarantee?

At Dancover, we work hard in order to offer the best price on our products. We offer our customers Best Price Guarantee on selected products in the shop. Have you found a product somewhere else at a lower price than ours? If so, we will sell you the product at this price. You can also have the difference reimbursed if you already have purchased the product at Dancover. Please note you have to meet the requirements listed below in order to make use of the Best Price Guarantee.

  1. The product must be 100% identical - same size, same quality and m2 weight on cover as well as frame specifications concerning materials, weight, surface processing, measurements and dimensions.
  2. The product must be in stock and priced accurately.
  3. Best Price Guarantee applies to product price only. It does NOT apply to shipping charges, gift with purchase, services, financing, bundling of items, free items and pricing errors.
  4. Best Price Guarantee does NOT apply to bids made on online auctions such as eBay.
  5. Best Price Guarantee is valid within a 10-day period after the purchase.
  6. Best Price Guarantee is valid only within the same country of purchase.
  7. You need to provide the eligible documentation for the better offer.


When do I receive my delivery from Dancover?

Dancover stock most of our products. Products in stock are shipped on the first coming workday after payment has been received. When paying by bank transfer, the goods are sent when the payment has been registered. The full amount must be paid. The normal delivery time is 3-9 working days on stock products – unless otherwise stated at the shop.

Who is in charge of shipping Dancover products?

Dancover cooperates with several well-established carriers who are in charge of delivering the goods the Dancover customers order. You will receive a message about time of delivery from the relevant carrier. Sometimes minor deviations will occur due to circumstances beyond Dancover’s control. This is the reason that we cannot always guarantee a specific time of delivery in advance for every single order. If you want to trace your order, you have to use the Track and Trace number you have received from the carrier or contact the carrrier's Customer Service directly. You will find all information in the message you receive when Dancover dispatch the order from our stock.

Is it possible to choose a faster delivery than standard?

Dancover offer express delivery from day to day with an exact time of delivery. Call us to recieve a specific offer in relation to weight and distance.

How much is the shipping fee on my order?

You can see the price of the product together with the specific product at www.dancovershop.com. In order to see the specific shipping fee you must place the product in the Shopping Cart and enter your postal code. The shipping fee will be calculated based on your order's total weight and volume as well as your geographic whereabouts. After placing the product in question in the cart, you enter your postal code in order to see the total shipping fee.

Is there a fixed price on shipping for the entire country?

The shipping fee is primarily calculated based on weight and volume but your location also plays a part. Normally we ship to the entire country incl. islands connected to the mainland by a bridge. Do you want a delivery for an island without a bridge to the mainland? The shipping fee must be calculated individually so you have to contact Dancover for an offer. Find the opening hours for Dancover at www.dancovershop.com.

Do you have free freight if the order is above a certain amount?

We cannot offer that as our products vary too much in relation to weight and size. On the other hand, we frequently offer free freight on selected products in the shop when we have different offers and campaigns. Sign up for our Newsletter or look in the shop.

Who cooperates with Dancover about shipping and delivery?

Dancover cooperates with several well-established carriers who are in charge of delivering the goods to our customers. You will receive a message about time of delivery from the relevant carrier. Do you have questions regarding your delivery? We ask you to contact the carrier's Customer Service, as Dancover is not able to trace the delivery when we have dispatched to carrier.

Where are the Dancover stocks located?

Dancovers’ main office is located in Hillerød in Denmark. Our two warehouses are situated in Hillerød and Lynge respectively.

When is my order dispatched?

Dancover stock most of our products. Products in stock are shipped on the first coming workday after payment has been received. When paying by bank transfer the goods are sent when the payment has been registered. The full amount must be paid. The standard time of delivery is 3-9 working days on stock products – unless otherwise stated at the shop.

When is my order delivered?

Normally, the delivery time is 3-9 working days for products in stock unless otherwise stated on the shop. Small deviations may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. This is the reason we cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery for every single order. In order for you to trace your delivery, we refer to the Tracking number you receive from the carrier in charge of the delivery.

How long time does it take to deliver a Dancover product?

Every single product at the shop shows the stipulated time of delivery. The standard time of delivery in Bulgaria is app. 3-9 working days for products in stock. Dancover works with several carriers, and they will send you a message when they receive the order from our warehouse. In this message, you will get a Track and Trace number so you can follow the order. Please note that questions regarding your order must be aimed at the specific carrier. Dancover will only be able to inform you, that the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

Are the prices at the www.dancovershop.com shown incl. VAT?

Usually, all the prices at www.dancovershop.com are shown incl. VAT but you always have the option to see the prices without VAT if you have a company and a VAT-no. At the top bar in the shop, you are able to press Incl. VAT or excl. VAT and the shop will show you the correct prices. Please note that all prices are excl. freight. The shipping fee is calculated individually for every product and is shown in the Shopping Cart when you enter your postal code and press "Calculate shipping fee”.

For prices in general, we have reservations for possible price changes which are beyond Dancover influence – such as price increase for materials, new price and tax legislation, postage and shipping increase and of course reservations for spelling mistakes and technical errors.


What do I do when I want to return a product?

  1. Fill in and send us the return form no later than 2 weeks after receiving your order. In the form you must:
  2. Fill in your order number and the e-mail used when ordering
  3. Tick off the products and numbers of products you wish to return
  4. You will now receive an e-mail with labels attached.
  5. Print the label(s) of shipment and prepare the shipment. Make sure your return goods are safely packed in the original packaging. The original packaging must always be returned.
  6. Place the label(s) of shipment on the boxes you return.
  7. Make sure you put a label on each box you return in order for us to be able to identify your return shipment. There is a thorough instruction in the mail you receive and in the Return form.
  8. Contact carrier and pay the return shipment fee. Please note that Dancover does not accept shipments send COD.

Return shipments must be sent to:

Lyngevej 16a
Nørre Herlev
3400 Hillerød

Furthermore, by returning goods, you have to be aware of the following:

  1. We recommend you take out a transport insurance for your goods, as you are responsible for the goods until we receive it. Save the postal receipt as well as the possible Tracking number.
  2. Dancover does not accept return goods if the product has been packed insufficiently, have been used, is broken, is incomplete or unsellable.
  3. We expect you to ship the goods as soon as possible after entering the Return form and no later than 2 weeks after the entering of the form.
  4. We do not accept goods sent to us COD.

What do I do if I want to return my goods?

You can always return a purchase to Dancover within 2 weeks to this address:

Lyngevej 16a
Nørre Herlev
3400 Hillerød

You have to cover the expenses to send the goods back to Dancover. Start by filling out a Return Form and follow the instructions. It will make the execution easier and ensure you get the right amount in return. The amount will be paid as soon as possible. Please be aware that the goods must be returned in the original packaging and be undamaged and unused.

Can I regret a purchase at Dancover?

When you shop on the internet, you have 2 weeks to return your purchase. In this period, you can inform the company about this and return the goods. This of course also applies to purchases at www.dancovershop.com. You must be aware there are exceptions – if you e.g. order a specially manufactured product. In this case, your right to return will not apply. It is clearly stated in the shop if a product is manufactured specially.

How do I return a product if I regret the purchase?

Do you wish to return a product? You must do so no later than 2 weeks after receiving the product and send the return form to us. You can find the form in this link: Return form. You must enter your order number and the e-mail used for ordering in the form. The order number can be found on the confirmation you received in an e-mail after the purchase was completed. You must contact a carrier and pay the return shipping fee. If you are able to deliver the goods yourself at our warehouse in Nørre Herlev in Hillerød, you can save the cost instead of using a carrier.

What do I have to be aware of returning a product?

If the right of return does not include a product, you will be able to see it clearly in the shop. This will normally only include products manufactured on request or if the product has been personalised by printing a logo on it.

In general, the right of return starts the day you receive the order. If the closing day falls on a public holiday, a Saturday or Sunday the closing day will be moved to the first upcoming working day. Regarding partial deliveries, the period of the right of return starts when the last part of the shipment is received.

When you have received your goods, you should treat them in a way in which you can establish the nature, quality and function of the product(s). If we can see, the goods have been handled beyond this, according to rules in force it may mean a rejection or a reduction in the amount to which you are entitled.

Can I get my money back?

When we receive your return shipment, we will check it and evaluate whether there has been a reduction in the value of the goods. Afterwards, you will receive the amount to which you are entitled. The amount will always be transferred back to the same means of payment as used for the purchase.  If you paid with a card, the amount will be transferred back into the account from which the money came.

Is there a risk for not getting my money back?

A series of conditions must be met for you to get the full amount back. You may lose the amount, totally or in part, if the value of the product has been reduced. A reduction of the product price can occur due to the following circumstances:

  1. You have unpacked the product
  2. The original packaging is missing or broken
  3. The product has been in use
  4. The product has been damaged while in your care
  5. You have handled the product in a way beyond establishing the type, property and the way it works
  6. You have not followed the limitations of the Right of cancellation of which you have been informed.

Do not unpack a shipment if you wish to return the product. If the product has been unpacked, it may cause a reduction in the amount you can expect returned – worst case 100% of the price – or a smaller reduction in the return payment to the extent of 25-75 %.

  1. Fill in your order number and the e-mail used when ordering


What do I do if my delivery has been damaged?

If your delivery is damaged on receipt, you have to report it as a claim. You can do that by filling in the claims form on www.dancovershop.comClaims click here. Once this is done, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note that you normally have to enclose photo documentation. If you do not enclose usable photo documentation, it will prolong the process time considerably. At worst it will prevent Dancover to process your claim altogether if we do not have the necessary information to deal with the claim.

Do I have to return my delivery in the original packaging?

The original packaging must always be returned when returning a product no matter the reason for the return. The original packaging represents a considerable value and has printed information, which is important in connection with returning goods.

Do I have to check my goods within a certain period?

When receiving products from Dancover, we recommend that you instantly (within 14 days after receipt) check the entire delivery in order to see if anything is missing or there are defective parts. Please make sure you check the entire delivery before you contact the Dancover Claims Department. It will save time for everybody. If you just want to return the delivery, we recommend that you do not open the delivery.

Who pays for return freight?

If a product must be returned to Dancover , please note that we only cover the first shipping fee – and only if the reason for returning the goods are defects or flaws. To enable us to estimate whether there is reason for sending a product back, we sometimes need photo documentation. If you do not provide the photo documentation where necessary, we will not be able to process your claim. At the worst, it will prevent us from processing your claim all together as we do not have the necessary information to deal with the claim. In our claims form, you can see how to do things if you need to make a claim in relation to defects or flaws. Claims click here. If you decide to return a product if you made the purchase erroneously, you are solely responsible for arranging shipping. You also have to pay the shipping fee.

Does the Sale of Good Act cover my purchase at Dancover?

The Sale of Good Act covers your purchase at www.dancovershop.com. It means you can have a defective product either repaired, replaced, money back or a discount depending on the actual situation. A claim must always be justified, and the defect cannot be due to incorrect use of the product. For us to rectify possible defects and flaws, you have to follow a certain claim procedure.

Are there any exceptions concerning claims?

Claims do not cover defects, flaws or wear and tear indirectly or directly due to wrong use, poor maintenance, due to weather conditions or any other violent behaviour. Please note that at the shop, you are informed about security in relation to the specific products you have to act in accordance to.

Example: Please note! This product is produced on request. Consequently, the right to return does not apply.

What does ’fair time’ mean, when I want to make a complaint or return an item?

It is always a good idea to react as soon as possible when you have to complain about a product. We recommend that you make a complaint within ‘fair time’ after discovering a defect. Apart from you normally having to check your delivery on receipt, we recommend that you make the claim no later than 2 months after you have discovered the defect. You can make the claim by filling out a Claim form or by contacting Dancover Custom Service at 24 92 55 49.

Depending on the actual situation, you will receive instructions within 24 hours after you have sent the claim form to Dancover.

Returns in connection with claims must be agreed and arranged in advance with our warranty department and sent to:

Dancover Stock
Att.: Claims
Lyngevej 16a

Nørre Herlev
3400 Hillerød

We are able to process your claim within 24 hours if you supply us with all the relevant information. You can see which information we need in the Claim form.

Will Dancover reimburse me my expenses for return freight?

If the claim is justified, Dancover will, of course, reimburse you the expenses for shipping the product back to us.  Otherwise, you have to defray all expenses for transportation including our expenses for returning the product after investigation as well as an amount of 14 €, which we will charge you for the examination of the product.

Remember to always ship the product in its original packaging or in another kind of safe packaging together with the original packaging. At the same time, be sure to get a receipt for the expense from the carrier. You are responsible for the parcel/products until we receive them. Always save the receipt for shipping incl. information about shipping fee and if possible the tracking number.

What does Dancover do about flaws and defects?

Dancover will, as soon as possible make an estimation and find the best possible solution for both parties. This means we will evaluate whether the product must be sent for repair or replacement – or there may be a faster solution. Our aim is always to try correcting possible mistakes and repair any flaws. In order for us to be able to estimate flaws and defects, we need photo documentation. If we do not receive the necessary documentation, we will not able to process your claim.

We will try to keep you in the clear by delivering a new product or by having the one in question repaired if we consider the flaw or defect is not due to wrong use of the product. Please note that Dancover do not cover any expenses you may have had fixing the defect, if a specific and written agreement with us have not been made prior. As soon as you discover a defect or a flaw in a product bought at Dancover, you must contact us.


Product information

How do I get easy access to information about Dancover’s products?

Dancover has several thousand products, and that is many products to keep track of. We constantly work to create a dynamic shop with relevant products, and at the same time; we work hard to describe the many high-quality products comprehensively – in an instructive text as well as a product section with technical specifications such as measurements, weight etc. Furthermore, you get manuals for a wide range of products, and it is possible to see these manuals before buying a product.

Do you still have a question regarding one or more of our products? Our Experts are ready to answer your questions either by phone, e-mail, Skype or Chat. Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions about our main products.


What is the difference between PE and PVC covers?

The PVC covers are similar to a truck cover, and marquee covers as well as tarpaulins in PVC are high-quality products. The PVC covers have a closely knitted structure; feels soft and rubbery. The PVC covers are 100% watertight and extremely weather resistant and durable.

The PE covers are an affordable and excellent alternative to the PVC covers. The material is a bit stiffer and not quite as sturdy as PVC but also waterproof and durable. The durability is more than sufficient for a usage around 1-2 times a year.

What is the difference between the marquee series Semi PRO, Exclusive, Original and Plus?

All four series of marquees are high-quality marquees, which will provide a beautiful setting for your parties and events. That said, the most noticeable difference is that the PLUS series has a cover made of PE while the three others have a cover made of PVC. It is also important to mention that Exclusive and Semi PRO are fire retardant and have a BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate. The covers being certified does not mean they are resistant to extreme heat, but the marquees will not burst into flames when in contact with open fire.

The difference in materials and quality is generally reflected in the prices, even though that may vary when we have one or more marquees on sale or as a special offer. What you need to look at when considering buying a marquee is of course what you are going to use it for – or rather how much you are going to use it! Is it a family marquee only to be used 1-2 times a year? Then the PLUS series is excellent. On the other hand are the other series better if you plan to use your marquee more than a couple of times a year. Many customers choose a more expensive quality even though they do not plan to use the marquee that often – simply because they want a high-quality marquee.

PLUS has roof cover + sidewalls in 200g PE and 38x1,1 mm Galvanised steel frame

Original has a roof cover in 500g PVC and sidewalls in 380g PVC and 38x1,1 mm Galvanised steel frame

Exclusive has roof cover and sidewalls in 500g PVC and 38x1,1 mm Galvanised steel frame

Semi PRO has roof cover and sidewalls in 500g PVC and 50x1,5 mm Galvanised steel frame

What is a CombiTents?

CombiTents is an innovative and ground-breaking concept developed by Dancoverbased on our many years of experience with developing and selling marquees and other tent solutions. It can often be a bit difficult to select the best marquee because one time you are going to have 60 guests and the next time only 25. With a traditional marquee, you are ‘stuck’ with a marquee in a certain size, but with a CombiTents, you have the flexibility to adjust your marquee to the number of guests from time to time. CombiTents are made of sections so you can choose the number of sections, which will fit the specific event. We call these flexible solutions for 3-in-1, 4-in-1, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 with the possibility to buy additional sections for a further increase in the size of the CombiTents. It is also important to mention that all CombiTents are fire retardant and have a BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate.

Why is it a good idea to have a ground bar in your marquee?

A ground bar provides extra strength and stability for your marquee. This is why most of the larger Dancover marquees are delivered with a ground bar included. When choosing a marquee without a ground bar, you can buy a ground bar separately.

How much room do you need when securing your marquee with a Safety Pack?

When securing your marquee or storage tent with storm straps, you need to calculate with app. 2-3 metres around the tent so you can stretch out the straps and secure them at the ground pegs. You can also secure the straps to firm objects like buildings or something similar. Please be aware that severe pulls will occur in case of wind so you must only secure the straps to solid and stable objects. We normally recommend 4 storm straps for marquees under 8 metres and 6 straps for marquees over 8 metres. You have to watch the weather forecast when having put up a marquee.

What does it mean that a cover is ’water resistant’?

’Water resistant’ covers are made for use for shorter periods in reasonable weather conditions and will not be able to withstand rain and other kinds of downpour over a longer period. That is why Dancover cannot guarantee that your ‘water resistant’ cover will keep out the rain when used for a longer time in the rain. Do you want to use your marquee or gazebo in all kinds of weather? We recommend that you buy one of the models with a waterproof cover, which are made for use in almost all weather conditions. You still have to keep an eye out for the weather report and disassemble your marquee in case of bad weather – especially wind.

What does it mean that a marquee or shelter has a Fire Certificate?

Covers with a Fire Certificate have been tested and approved according to local fire regulations BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate. It does not mean that the covers are resistant to extreme heat but that the marquees will not burst into flame at the contact with open fire. At each product, you can see which certificate they have if any.

Is it possible to open the sidewalls of my marquee?

It is not a problem to open the sides of a marquee. On our marquees in the PLUS-series with PE, the sidewalls are in one piece for the entire length of the marquee. Here, you can choose not to mount the sidewalls if you prefer an open marquee. Our series Original, Exclusive, Semi PRO and CombiTents with PVC the sidewalls come in sections of 2 metres. Here, you can choose to mount one or more sections. In short, it means that the PVC marquees are a little more flexible in relation to open or closed marquees.

How do I clean the cover of my marquee?

If your cover has become stained or dirty after use or has become mouldy after incorrect storage (if you have e.g. stored it when wet), we recommend that you use our PVC/PE cleaner, which can be found under product number AC00045.

Can the Dancover marquees be pitched permanently?

We advise against having a marquee pitched permanently. The Dancover marquees are meant as temporary solutions, and if the marquee has been pitched for a longer period, Dancover cannot cover any flaws and deficiencies. For more permanent cover solutions, we recommend our storage tents and shelter, which are available in many sizes.

How many guests are there room for in my marquee?

We strongly recommend that you always make sure you choose a marquee big enough to hold the parties and other events you want to arrange. A solution could be to invest in a CombiTents, which is divided into sections and thus the most versatile and flexible marquee on the market. It means you will always have a marquee in the exact size you want as you can just pitch the number of sections you need for almost any number of guests. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following:

If you do not need tables and chairs in the marquee, estimate app. 0.75 m² pr. person.

Do you want tables and chairs in the marquee, estimate app. 1 m² pr. person.

Remember to take into account room for a buffet, bar, music etc. It takes in general app. 10-20 % of the total area.

How many people does it take to assemble and pitch my marquee?


Approximately 60 seconds

Approximately 1 hour

Approximately 1.5 hour

Over 1.5 hours

min. 1 person



min. 2 persons


3x6, 4x6, 4x8, 4x10, 5x8, 5x10


min. 3-5 persons


5x12, 6x8, 6x10, 6x12

6x6, 6x12, 6x18 etc.

Why does moist appear on the inside my marquee?

Temperature changes and moisture in the air and from the ground can cause dew or condensation to appear inside your marquee when pitched outside. This is normal and unavoidable at certain temperatures. Condensation does not mean your marquee is leaking! You can reduce the condensation by pitching the marquee on a patio, lay one of Dancover’s plastic floors and ensure a good ventilation before the party. Please note that at great deviations in the temperature, the condensation may condense so the water will fall during the night if the humidity is high in the ground and in the air.

Is it possible to buy spare parts for my marquee at Dancover?

Yes, it is possible. Dancover has spare parts for our marquees – parts for the frame, sidewalls and roof covers. You can find the different spare parts as unique products in relation to the various products at the shop. Thus, you are always able to find the part(s) which have been ruined or gone missing. Please note that you can buy new parts like e.g. roof covers and sidewalls if you want to change the look and design of your marquee.

Does every Dancover marquee and other products come with a manual?

For the Dancover marquees and storage tents, you will always get a manual, which makes it as clear and easy as possible to get an overview of the various parts. The manual is also for correct assembly and to secure the marquee is pitched safely. If for some reason you have lost the printed manual for your marquee and more, you can always find the relevant manual as a PDF for the relevant product at www.dancovershop.com.

Storage tents

Do all storage tents from Dancover have a PVC cover?

No, there is a large selection of storage tents in different price ranges and materials so you can have storage tents with both PE cover and PVC cover. Common for all Dancovertents and shelters are that you will always get value for money. No matter what you choose, you will get a quality product where you can store everything from cars and boats to materials or other products, which must be kept dry and safe. In the large storage tents and shelters, there are room for working in connection with building projects and more.

Is it possible to use the Dancover storage tents for other than storage?

As the name implies, the Dancover storage tents and shelters are made first and foremost for storing things like cars, boats, materials, fodder and much more, which must be kept dry and safe. The large storage tents and shelters will also provide room enough for a sheltered working space in connection with building projects or similar where you need a flexible solution with storage of materials as well as room for work. Please note that a majority of our professional storage tents have a BS 5438:1989 2B Certificate.

FleXtents Folding tents

What is the difference between the various FleXtents series – Light, Basic, PRO and Xtreme?

FleXtents are the result of many years of innovative development focusing on finding a functional and elegant folding tent, which is incredibly easy to pitch and take down again. If one should mention the difference the advice must be, that you must always look at for what you want to use the tent. BASIC is made for semi-professional use, while PRO and Xtreme is meant for professional use or if you want the best from your FleXtents and use it frequently. FleXtents Light is meant for light use by private customers who do not use the FleXtents so frequently and do not need a waterproof folding tent.

With the exception of Xtreme made of PVC you can have logo, text and illustrations printed on your FleXtents in order for you to create positive attention with an individual and unique FleXtents folding tent. Read more about the many options you have with FleXtents regarding size, colour, design and materials here

Is there always a transport bag included when I buy a FleXtents?

No, not for all our FleXtents. You have to check in the shop, but we deliver a great deal of our FleXtents pop-up gazebos in a sturdy transport bag, which makes it easy to bring the tent everywhere and to store it when not in use. For the FleXtents without a transport bag included, you can order a bag separately so that you can have the same advantages. You can have bags with or without wheels for easy transport.

Are the FleXtents frames made of aluminium or steel?

We use high-quality aluminium frames for PRO and Xtreme. Our BASIC models are made of high quality hammered painted steel. While Light models are made of powder coated steel.

What are the dimensions on the FleXtents frame?

For our FleXtents BASIC, we use frames with a square profile of 28.6 mm. We use a hexagonal profile of 40 mm for FleXtents PRO and 50 mm for FleXtents Xtreme in the leg construction.

What are the dimensions of the aluminium used for your FleXtents?

For our FleXtents PRO we use 1.5mm legs in aluminium and 1.3mm fittings in aluminium. The legs on the FleXtents Xtreme are 1.8mm.

Is it possible to have FleXtents with fire certification?

No. Even though our FleXtents have a polyester cover with a PVC coating, we have chosen not to certify as most of our FleXtents have a size where only relatively few people can be inside the tent at a time.

Can I have my logo or something else printed on my new Flextents?

You can have a beautiful full digital print on your Flextents – either on a smaller area like the valance, a sidewall and/or the roof cover. It is also an option to choose the full digital print, where the entire cover is printed with illustrations according to your design. A FleXtents with full digital print is a beautiful and elegant way to create positive attention at fairs, exhibitions, markets etc.

What kind of material is used for the roof cover and sidewalls of FleXtents?

The roof covers and sidewalls on our BASIC, PRO and Xtreme models are made of high-quality polyester with a PVC coating. It provides you with a very durable cover, which will not break under normal use. Our Light models have 140g polyester roof covers and sidewalls. It should also be mentioned that it is possible to buy some Xtreme models with 300g PVC cover.

What is the total weight of a FleXtents aluminium frame and cover?

The weight of a FleXtents depends on the size of the folding tent. You can find relevant information about weight and more at the shop under each product.

Is it possible to order separate sidewalls for my FleXtents – and where do I find them?

You can order separate sidewalls for all our FleXtents. This includes sidewalls with panorama windows, sidewalls with zip and standard sidewalls. Separate sidewalls are to be found under Accessories under Event at www.dancovershop.com. Furthermore, you can buy roof covers and other accessories like curtains and half sidewalls etc.

Does the Dancover marquees, tents and other products come with a manual?

Manuals are included for all Dancover marquees and storage tents and shelters in order to make it as clear and easy as possible to get an overview of the different parts. The manual is also to use in connection with the assembly of the tent so it is done both correctly and securely.


How do I find the tarpaulin most suitable for my needs?

At Dancover , we have a huge selection of tarpaulins for many different purposes. Some of the purposes are self-evident as e.g. the boat tarpaulins. When choosing a tarpaulin, you must consider what you are going to use it for – and look at the grammage pr. m² when making a selection. The higher this number, the more sturdy the tarpaulin. Tarpaulins made of PVC are in general more sturdy and durable, while the tarpaulins made of PE is a good and affordable alternative for less demanding storage solutions. Please note that you can by extra eyelets if you want to replace eyelets or fortify your tarpaulin with more eyelets.


Preparations before the assembly

When you receive your assembly kit from us, please make sure that everything is there and unharmed. Even though we pack everything carefully and securely, things may happen during transport. If you do not start the assembly right away, please make sure that the kit is stored away from the elements and not directly on the ground.

When you are ready to start the assembly, please read the enclosed assembly manual thoroughly to make sure you do things in the correct order. Please note that you need to be two persons for the job as the solid wood parts are heavy and you need to be accurate while assembling the product. You do not need any special tools for the job.

DIY assembly kit

We deliver your new Modularo product to you at the kerbside as a complete assembly kit. The delivery may be one or more packages depending on the size of the product. Inside the set, your Modularo product is systematically stacked and packed onto a pallet and the manufacturer has checked it thoroughly before dispatch. Enclosed with the set is your detailed assembly instructions. We recommend that you do not remove the foil from the packages before you are going to start assembling the structure as the foil is designed to protect the wood against the weather. If you do not start the assembling process right after your Modularo product has been delivered, make sure to store the various parts in a dry place well protected against UV-exposure.

Foundation for the various Modularo products

A level, firm and stable foundation may very well be the most important stage when you are going to build a shed, garden gazebo, cabin, or any other garden building. With a good base, you will ensure the stability of the building, correct assembly, durability, functionality and the perfect look. A poor and insufficient foundation will provide a ton of problems, put great pressure on the entire structure, and in the end lead to a shorter life span for the building. You may see gaping between the wall planks, poor overall appearance as well as problems with the doors and windows.

The following types of foundations are all good and solid foundations for garden buildings. Each foundation type has its pros and cons, so if you are in doubt, consult your local hardware store or a professional with relevant experience. This may not be rocket science, but you need to do it right! The type of foundation may also depend on the type of soil in the garden if the ground is sloping, if you already have a patio with flagstones, the size and weight of the building, and your budget.

1. Concrete Slab Base

A concrete base is a sure thing for most building projects - it is well known to most and has been used for decades for all kinds of building big or small. A concrete foundation is the most durable and solid foundation but also one of the most expensive bases to build and time-consuming, too.

2. Strip Foundations

Strip foundations are an easier, lighter and less expensive alternative to a concrete slab. You can use it for almost any size garden building if the ground is not sloped. Furthermore, you can easily remove strips if you buy a new garden building sometime in the future and need a new base because the old building needs to be pulled down and removed. The concrete strips are firm, strong and stable.

3. Paving slabs

A paving slab base is a good base for small and medium-sized sheds and gazebos. It is one of the easiest bases to build, relatively cheap and does not involve concrete work. It also looks nice, it is easy to install a shed or a gazebo on paving slabs and it is easy to remove or extend in the future should you want to build a larger garden building such as a wooden cabin or similar.

4. Adjustable Riser Pedestal or Breeze Blocks on gravel

Do you want a firm and durable base for a shed or garden building? Then this foundation can be made at a very reasonable price. The adjustable riser pedestal is superb if you already have a hard standing surface that only needs some levelling.

5. Stop Digging Ground Screw or GroundPlug©

An innovative way to make a foundation is ground screws that will save you a lot of digging, removing soil, and buying and working with cement. The Stop Digging ground screws or a similar product from GroundPlug© offer a fantastic way to give your garden building a safe and level foundation. You can have the ground screws ready in only a fraction of the time you need to install most of the other foundations and you do not have to cast in cement or concrete but you can start building right away!

Damp-proof barrier

Depending on the type of foundation you choose, you may need to place a damp-proof barrier between the foundation and the wooden structure. If in doubt, please consult a professional to avoid mistakes that may lead to problems later on. It is important that you protect the wooden parts and frames against moist and damp.

Doors and windows

With a few exceptions, all the glass in our sheds, gazebos, and cabins are made of tempered glass for durability and your safety. In a few products, we have used the strong and almost unbreakable Plexiglas, which will provide you with the same inflow of light as the tempered glass provides. All our sheds have one or more windows to provide natural light inside the shed during the day. Our garden gazebos and cabins have large doors and windows providing a wonderful inflow of light making the structures light and inviting with a great outlook.

Roofing materials

Some of the Modularo products come complete with roofing material, but with some of the products, you need to find and order the roofing materials from another supplier. We recommend that you visit your local hardware store or building centre and have the experts there guide you to which kind of roofing material you need. The various types of roofing differ a little in price, colour, and look. You should be able to lay most of the roofing materials yourself - otherwise a professional will do it in no time. It is very important that you find and lay the roofing material as soon as possible to protect the structure against water.

Natural structure without paint or protection

When you order a garden building in natural wood, the wood is not protected against weather or anything. That is why we recommend that you apply a wood preservative - transparent, tinted, or in a colour. Remember to add a wood preservative to the doors and windows as well. The experts at your local hardware store or similar can tell you, which kind of wood preservative or paint you should use. The products should also protect the wood against mould, fungi, UV-rays, and more. You will need to re-apply wood preservative regularly - how often depends on the product you use.

Painted garden houses

When ordering a painted shed, pavilion, or cabin, you can forget about the tiresome work with painting the structure yourself. We have an industrial wood protection system to provide the perfect protection for your wooden structure for years. Our environment-friendly and water-based wood preservative are made especially for outdoor use. Thanks to the unique combination of different binders, the surface of your Modularo structure is sealed without preventing breathability and securing a permanent waterproof. The paint penetrates deep into the wood and the matte finish ensures a beautiful accentuation of the wood structure. The paint or wood preservative protects against the weather in general such as rain and UV-rays as well as insect infestation, mould, fungi, and bluing.

  • All boards have an industrial finish on all four sides
  • Wooden doors and windows are cream-white inside and outside
  • Trimmings and purlins painted white
  • Roof planks treated on three sides
  • Recommended maintenance interval of 5 years
  • Paint supply for repairs included

Maintenance instructions for your Modularo garden building

You can have our sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins in natural wood or a painted version. The painted buildings have been painted thoroughly and will not need to be painted or maintained for the next many years. We recommend that you repaint every 5 years depending on the look and feel of the paint. The tear and wear depends also on the climate and weather in general so keep an eye on the exterior to see whether the paint needs to be freshened.

When you order a garden building in natural wood, the wood has not been applied with anything. Here, we recommend that you apply a wood preservative of your choice - transparent, tinted, or in a colour. You need to apply the wood preservative to prevent discolouration, bending, and expansion. Remember to add a wood preservative to doors and windows as well. The experts at your local hardware store or similar can tell you, which kind of wood preservative or paint you should use. The products should also protect the wood against mould, fungi, UV-rays, and more. Here, you may have to re-apply wood preservative every two years depending on what it says on the product.

Patio Heaters

Which patio heater should I choose?

It is actually up to you and what you need the patio heater for. We offer electric patio heaters in many shapes and sizes like our free-standing patio heaters, patio heaters for mounting on a wall, hanging heaters for the patio and marquees, and fan heaters for marquees, gazebos, greenhouses, and more. In short, a wide range of high-quality heaters to provide a pleasant warmth for everyday life as well as for various events.

Which kind of patio heaters do you offer?

All our patio heaters are electric heaters as they are safe, flexible, and efficient. Choose between infrared, halogen, quartz, and carbon patio heaters. They all offer a pleasant warmth but are made for various use – on the patio, inside a marquee or gazebos, somewhere in the garden, under a parasol and more. If you are in doubt, please contact our Xperts who can help you choose the right patio heater.

What is the difference between infrared and the other heaters?

All our patio heaters emit infrared waves in one form or another, but the materials used to make the heater are different. Many are confused by the various names the patio heaters are given, but in the end, you need to look at what you need a patio heater for – for a permanent dining area or a lounge area on the patio, for heating a marquee or a garden gazebo, for a flexible solution somewhere in the garden, or something else. So go for the functionality before the materials as all our patio heaters will produce a pleasant heat!

Do I need an electrician to connect my patio heater?

No, all our patio heaters come with a cord and a plug – and an adaptor in the relevant countries – ready to plug in and use. You have to apply with the general safety advice of the various heaters to avoid misuse and accidents with the product.

Can a patio heater be dangerous?

All electric appliances can potentially cause a dangerous situation if you do not apply with the general safety advice. Never cover a heater, do not place it too close to flammable materials, unplug it when not in use, do not expose it to water and so on. Please read the Safety Advice for each product before you start using it.

Can the heat from a patio heater damage my skin?

The waves coming from a patio heater is similar to the ones coming from the sun but without the damaging UV-rays! If you do not come too close to the heater, your skin will not be damaged in any way – just pleasantly warmed.


How do I secure my marquee?

Marquees are made for use at celebrations and special events and are only meant to be pitched temporarily and for shorter periods. If you do not follow these directions, you must be aware that your right to claims no longer apply.

No matter which type of marquee you choose, we recommend that you secure your tent further with a Safety Pack, which consists of storm straps and ground pegs. You should never pitch your marquee in strong wind, but the wind may pick up after you have pitched the marquee. Then a Safety Pack will ensure the marquee. We recommend 4 storm straps for marquees under 8 metres and 6 storm straps for marquees over 8 metres. In general, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather report when having pitched a marquee.

Do you have a series of good advice about the safety of my marquee?

  1. Do not pitch your tent in extremely bad weather – i.e. strong winds, heavy rain or snow. If you have pitched the tent already, be sure to take it down immediately in case of bad weather. Remember the marquee must not be wet when you disassemble and fold it up!
  2. The responsibility to secure the tent adequately and prevent it from injuring materials and people lies solely with the owner of the tent.
  3. In some countries or areas, you may need a permit to pitch your marquee or storage tent – especially the large storage tents may require some sort of permit.
  4. The Dancover marquees are developed for private use and temporary shelter for no more than 150 persons. For any other use, it is your responsibility to obtain permits from the local authorities.
  5. It is your responsibility to secure the tent adequately with storm straps so it does not cause injury on materials or people. We recommend 4 storm straps for marquees under 8 metres and 6 storm straps for marquees over 8 metres. Always keep an eye on the weather report when having pitched a marquee.
  6. Your marquee is only for temporary use and not a permanent shelter.
  7. During rain, there will be a risk of water piling up on the roof of your tent. In some cases, this weight may cause the tent to collapse. It is your responsibility to keep the roof cover free of water. Be sure the cover is fully extended and remove any water building up.
  8. During snow, a risk emerges that snow piles up on the roof of your tent. Heavy snow may cause the tent to collapse. It is your responsibility to remove snow from the roof of your tent and save your tent from damage.
  9. Remember that your tent must be completely dry before you take it down and pack it up. If not, you will most likely experience mould and mildew.
  10. Do not pack or unpack your tent at sub-zero temperatures. Doing so may cause crazing – especially to tent windows in sidewalls.
  11. Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other sources of ignition, inside or close to the tent.
  12. We recommend you to check whether your tent is covered by your home contents insurance.
  13. Please note that the Dancover warranty applies only to the normal use of the product happening in accordance with the written instructions in your manual. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Neither does it cover damage, defect, wear and tear caused by misuse, poor maintenance, abuse, unauthorized modification or exposure to bad weather conditions.

Is my personal information safe at Dancover?

Yes, your personal information is of course safe with Dancover as we comply with all the current regulations concerning data security. For you to shop at www.dancovershop.com, as a minimum, you must enter your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number/mobile number. This information will be saved, together with information about the products you have purchased, for 5 years counting from the end of the financial year in which the transaction has taken place according to the rules in force. After this period, the information will be deleted.

The information is not passed on or sold to third party unless this takes place in connection with a restructuring or a total or partly sale of the company. The possible passing on of information will in this case take place in accordance with the rules in force at the time.

Is it safe to use payment cards at Dancover?

Yes, it is safe. When paying with a payment card, you just have to enter your card number, time of expiration and the control digits when ordering the product(s). The amount of the order is not drawn from your account until the product has been dispatched from our warehouse. All information about card number, time of expiration and the 3-digit CVV number (Card Verification Value) is protected which means that the information is encrypted with the help of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) between your Internet browser (cardholder) and an Internet server (DIBS). Dancover do not have access to the customer’s card number, control digits or expiration date – only NETS have access. We are therefore in no position to save this information. It means on the other hand that we at a later time cannot offer to use this information to draw a new amount from your account, when you visit the shop again in order to buy more. It only means you have to enter this information one more time when buying again.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when visiting a website. This text file stores information that can be read by the website when you come back to visit. Cookies mean that you do not need to fill out the same information each time you visit the website. A cookie is not a program and does not contain any virus.Cookies are necessary in order to make the shop function. Cookies help us provide you with a better user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies, Dancover can remember what you have placed in the cart, if you have visited the shop before, what language and the currency you prefer. These cookies are needed in order for the shop to be able to deliver a request asked for by the end user. For example, it can be a cookie that makes the shopping cart work. Read more about cookies here

Our Team

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