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Polyester Marquees

Polyester marquees – the elegant, light and durable marquee

Polyester marquees are elegant, durable and colourful marquees where we have combined well-known materials in a new and surprising way. The innovative polyester marquees combine the sturdy steel frame from traditional marquees with a 100% waterproof, light and durable cover made of polyester with a PVC coating. This innovative way of using well-proven materials makes up our new line of high-quality polyester marquees.

Polyester marquees in many different colours

Polyester marquees are available in many different colours as opposed to traditional marquees, which are always white – more or less. The bright colours of the soft and light covers are one of the most noticeable features of the polyester series. The vivid colours provide you with a range of new possibilities when it comes to marquees. Now, you have the option to choose a marquee, which differs from the traditional white marquee. Do you prefer a beautiful white marquee? Do not worry – you can also have a polyester marquee in bright white!

Polyester marquees offer many important features

Our Polyester marquees have several important features:

  1. Extra-large Georgian style windows to achieve even better inflow of light.
  2. The Velcro Closure System ensures optimal flexibility and climate inside the marquee.
  3. Sidewall-sections are just 2 metres, so you have extended flexibility.
  4. Use your polyester marquee as a gazebo or pavilion if you do not mount any sidewalls.
  5. Enjoy the elegant decoration curtains.

All these features are an important reason for the huge popularity, the Dancover polyester marquees enjoy.

Polyester marquees for all kinds of celebrations

Polyester marquees create the perfect settings for all kinds of celebrations and professional events. Imagine an elegant polyester marquee in your favourite colour beautifully decorated and just waiting for your guests to arrive. Choose the classic white marquee or be a little bold and go for one of the other beautiful and vivid colours like black, dark grey, blue or maybe green or red. No matter the colour, with a polyester marquee in this quality, you will have a durable and functional marquee for many years. At, you will also find all the other products you need to make your polyester marquee event a success and an enjoyable experience – chairs, tables, tableware, lighting, heating and much more.

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