LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White

Product number AC68831

LED starburst light is a beautiful and unique light decoration for your garden, patio, and driveway or inside the house. The 120 energy-saving LEDs will give you maximum effect at a minimum expense. Remember adapter!

LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm WhiteLED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 1LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 2LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 3LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 4LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 5LED starburst light, Ø0.5 m, Warm White - 6
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Product specifications:

0.50 m.
0.50 m.
PVC, Copper & Iron
Warm White
1 kg.
Box 1: 8.0 x 6.0 x 32.0 cm.

Product info:

  • 120 energy-saving LED lights
  • Warm white light
  • 3V/2,4W
  • Silver branches
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • 5 m transparent cable

LED starburst light decoration has a warm white light that creates an exceptional and cosy spectacle inside or outside your home.  The beautiful LED starburst light decoration combines natural design, high quality and functionality in one lifestyle product that will create a unique atmosphere in your garden and home for the entire winter and further on. The LED starburst light decoration has a warm light to give the best possible experience.

We all know the beautiful ambience glowing lights create during autumn and winter – and that goes for light both inside and outside. By mounting one or more elegant LED starburst light decorations in your garden, driveway or on the patio, you can create that special feeling. When placed outdoor in your garden, you can use the LED starburst light decoration as a guidance when it is dark and as a beacon to welcome your guests.

The LED starburst light decoration is perfect and modern for home and garden and it will work fine at restaurants, hotels and at parties and weddings too. You can use the decoration in countless ways, and it is easy to store after use.

Dancover lighting covers a wide assortment of decorative lighting
Lighting can create a unique feeling and is extremely important as part of winter, our everyday life and especially when we are having a party. Dancover offers a wide assortment of LED lighting, which will provide a fantastic ambience and at the same time save energy. The brilliance of LED is that even though it is energy-saving you do not have to compromise on the quality of the light – neither the strength nor the ambience. Among the many LED products, we like to mention our fairy lights, cotton ball light strings, inflatable event light, LED cubes, LED balls, floor lights, Christmas lights, rope light, and much more.
Many of the lighting products are for traditional use with cord and socket, while others are battery-operated (or rechargeable), which makes it possible to place the lights exactly where you want without having to consider where the nearest socket is – or having extension cords all over. This kind of light is perfect for table decoration and when you are having an event in a marquee and similar. You can use all of the Dancover lighting indoor. At the same time, a wide range of our lighting products is also intended for outdoor use.


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