Outlying deck frame for boat cover, NOA, 9 m/3

Product number ST99202

Aluminium Outlying frame from NOA. Solid structure and a design that ensures ventilation. Easy assembly and disassembly.

Outlying deck frame for boat cover, NOA, 9 m/3 Outlying deck frame for boat cover, NOA, 9 m/3 Outlying deck frame for boat cover, NOA, 9 m/3 Outlying deck frame for boat cover, NOA, 9 m/3

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Product specifications:

9.00 m.
35/1.8-2 mm
33 kg.
Box 1-2: 15.0 x 8.0 x 250.0
Box 3: 30.0 x 11.0 x 79.0

Product info:

  • A. Pulpit legs: 2 pcs
  • B. Pushpit legs: 2 pcs
  • C. Deck legs 0.9-1.7 m: 2 pcs
  • C. Deck legs 1.5-2.3 m: 4 pcs
  • Max width of boat: 3.3 m
  • Perfect for sailboats with pushpit, pulpit and guard rail
  • Adjustable legs in both directions
  • Frame keeps tarpaulin from the sides for perfect ventilation
  • Suitable for 25 mm railing (NOA fittings can be bought separately for other railing sizes)


This frame with overhang fits sail boats with pulpit and pushpit. The overhang keeps the tarpaulin off from the boat hull and helps to provide good ventilation.

The frame is adjustable in height, with telescopic legs, and canopy can be adjusted so the distance from the boat can be adjusted according to your needs.

Assembly instructions are included. NOA Outlying frame is easy to store and transport. Outlying frame is suitable for sail boats with pulpit, pushpit and guard rail. Available in different lengths.

Please note: some boats are equipped with a stanchion peg instead of a traditional stanchion base. Be sure to specify this when ordering your outlaying frame.


Choose a tarpaulin of good quality that can withstand ice, snow and the pressure of a hard winter.

Check regularly that there are no gaps in the tarpaulin to avoid water damage.


Check out the tarpaulin so there are no holes that water can leak into. Check if the framework provides good ventilation and access.


Careful check your boat before and after storms or after heavy precipitation of snow.

NB: Remember that there must be ventilation in both front and rear, to avoid condensation.



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