Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium

Product number ST02058

A high-quality greenhouse from the well-known greenhouse manufacturer Juliana. The classic greenhouse has many features and is a pleasure to watch. The greenhouse will also ensure optimal growth conditions for all the vegetables, flowers, and more which can be grown in the beautiful and functional greenhouse.

Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, AluminiumGreenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium - 1Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium - 2Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium - 3Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium - 4Greenhouse Glass Juliana Junior 9.9m², 2.77x3.70x2.57 m, Aluminium - 5
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  • High quality
  • Danish design
  • Sturdy materials
  • Extra side height
  • Personal service

Product specifications:

2,77 m.
3,70 m.
1,60 m.
2,57 m.
0.70x1.90 m.
100% Waterproof
339 kg.
Box 1: 34.0 x 11.0 x 380.0 cm.
Box 2: 52.0 x 82.0 x 86.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Danish design and quality
  • Provides optimal growth conditions 
  • Perfect as a pavilion 
  • Downpipes included
  • Windows that open to above horizontal 
  • Door with lock
  • 9.9m2
Green house from the well-known company Juliana, who have produced high-quality greenhouses for over 50 years. Do you want to create a special area within your garden or on the patio? This perfect greenhouse will be ideal for growing your own vegetables and flowers. The greenhouse from Juliana is beautiful in itself - but raised the right place it will improve the look of the entire garden. At the same time, you get the opportunity to grow innumerable amounts of fruits and vegetables, which you could not grow outdoors. At the same time, you can create an oasis inside the greenhouse, where you can sit in all kinds of weather enjoying the special feeling of a greenhouse.
The Juliana Junior greenhouse has a hinged door in farm gate design as well as roof windows, which in combination ensure extra ventilation inside the greenhouse. This will provide optimal growth conditions. The door has a lock so you also can use the greenhouse for winter storage of garden tools and garden furniture. The greenhouse is made of sturdy aluminium and glass. The separate pieces of glass do not come in one piece but are mounted with glass clamps and glass tape with an almost invisible overlap. This makes it easier and cheaper to replace a single piece of glass if you have an accident.
We recommend an adjusted and galvanised Juliana steel foundation, which will create stability as well as add an extra 12 cm to the total height of the greenhouse. In combination with the already extensive side height on the Juliana greenhouses, you get an even better utilisation of the entire greenhouse so you can have cucumbers and other crawlers at the sides of the greenhouse as well.

Please note! This product is produced on request. Consequently, the right to return does not apply.

Please note! A fork lift is needed for unloading. Unloading is also possible by hand, but it is up to the customer to provide manpower for it.



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