Boat Stand, steel, wood bar, Tyresöbocken, Type II, max 500kg

Product number BSSBS0002

Boat Stand, steel, wood bar, Tyresöbocken, an all-steel bar stand suitable for all kinds of motorboats.

Boat Stand, steel, wood bar, Tyresöbocken, Type II, max 500kg

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Product specifications:

2,00 m.
0,60-0,95 m.
Powder coated steel
500 kg.
19 kg.
Box 1: 60.0 x 13.0 x 70.0 cm.
Box 2: 14.5 x 4.5 x 200.0 cm.

Product info:

  • Max load (kg) 500
  • Height stand (a) 0,1-0,45
  • Height stand (b) (m) 0,5
  • Please note the correct choice of Tyresöbocken also depends on the weight distribution and total weight of your boat. Please see manual for more information.


General recommendations:

The choice of bar stand size should be based on the total weight of the boat and on the weight distribution. Be sure to find out where the engine is placed.

Boats with AQ installations are always stern-heavy. For single engine installations the weight distribution should be approximately 30/70 (stem/stern) as a rough estimation.

Outboard motorboats tend to have a slightly better weight distribution since the motor is not usually as heavy as a corresponding AQ.

Note! The weight of the boat must include fuel, (water), supplementary equipment etc. Boat builders generally specify the weight of an empty boat. A fully equipped boat is approximately 20% heavier.

When jacking up the boat 2 stands are always needed (bow stern). The width of the bar stand should be about equal to the beam of the boat.

•    Carry heavy load compared to the weight of the bar stand itself
•    Designed for high stability
•    Easy to dismantle for storage to transportation
•    Telescopic stands with accurate setting of height
•    Ball jointed hull plates (rubber hull protection is not included)
•    Adjustable width
•    All parts are black powder coated



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